Behind The Project To Bring People On Elon Musk

For more than 10 years, the name Elon Musk has become more familiar with the public. Many people who know this South African-American billionaire are the owner of high-tech companies such as Space-X Space Group and Tesla.0 Electrical Corporation of Tesla.0: 00/8: 23 nuanong domains are also famous Thanks to the ambition to bring people to migrate to her Mars. Musk believes that people have the ability to change the harsh red planet and turn it into a "colonial" of the earth

. The billionaires talk about this ambition everywhere, whether on Twitter or At scientific research forums. Does Elon Musk's dreams have the ability to realize? A feasible project? The first issue that Mars colonization project faces is radioactive types from the sun. Because Mars is farther away from the sun than the Earth so the temperature on the planet's surface is very low, only at the average threshold of -63 ° C
Bangs, the solar winds are constantly "bombarding" red planet Do not suffer from magnetic fields like Earth. Radioactive from the solar wind is not only toxic to humans but also the atmosphere of the atmosphere on Mars is very low. Low atmospheric pressure causes the boiling temperature of the water to decrease, so the water on Mars only exists in the form of ice or gas. The word of the Earth has the effect of protecting our atmosphere. This school is born from the center of the earth with many metals, minerals that are heated to melt. For some different reasons but the lower mental temperature of the earth, so the word of this planet is very weak. This issue is "key" for bringing people to Mars. Elon Musk believes that the optimal plan is now using nuclear bombs. Extracting a tweet line of billionaires: "I want to use a series of small-scale nuclear nuclear explosions to" activate "geological activity in Marsel, making it hot to the extent possible Born the magnetic field stronger! ". In theory, this plan is not too" fiction "as many people think
In the 1950s, 1960s in the United States and the Soviet Union (old) conducted a nuclear bomb test. The destruction of strong bombs to the point of causing earthquakes in place where trial points are several hundred kilometers. If humans can dig deep wells a few dozen km and then drop nuclear bombs, it is possible to cause geographic shocks that makes her heart warming up. This activity also has a favorite. Can help melt the tape on the two ends of the Mars, creating large and more important lakes as an atmosphere from CO2, N2O gases being stored inside the ice. A laboratory in the domain Western China aims to simulate natural conditions on Mars. Some scientists oppose the plan to use nuclear bombs have shown that the entire nuclear weapons that people currently have not enough quantity calculations. Second, no country will allow private companies to own or use nuclear weapons. Thirdly, using a nuclear explosion can cause geological disturbances - large statues on the surface Mars face without humans or machines survived. Fourth, inside the ice platforms on the Red Planet do not have enough gas to form a satisfactory atmosphere. As It is like Elon Musk also understands this. In recent years, the billionaire has moved to another plan, which has a job, his company will build huge hemstone greenhouses. Bothers are protected from harsh Mars climate , People will be able to adjust elements such as light, moisture, etc. Since then organizes agriculture on a red planet. Musk insists that such a city in the greenhouse will need a million individuals living and working together to feed everyone. This plan is more feasible with the use of nuclear weapons, But it still faces a series of difficulties. Will we choose what kind of material is durable enough to build a greenhouse? Only only fierce sandstorms on Mars are enough to corrode steel in the blink of an eye. Or, how do people grow food on Mars? On Mars must dig through a rather thick layer of sand to reach the soil layer, so in the soil contains a lot of hazardous metal salts with trees. Go back, both projects face two problems Currently there is no resolution direction. First is time. Whether we started experimenting on Mars tomorrow, mankind will take several hundred, if not to say thousands of years to create a suitable environment. The billionaire is also admitted This truth. In a tweet line on November 18, 2020, he wrote: "We will not be able to see the result of Mars colonization process in your life, but have to leave it for the following generations!" . The second problem is capital. Elon Musk alone cannot have enough capital to turn her ambition into reality, so he will need to attract investors. So do some of the investors will pour capital into a project that too much risks that profits are not clear? Especially in the context of a series

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