Being A Great Husband, How Beautiful French Queen To Celebrate Mozart To Ask Wedding?

Honoring is Europe's most beautiful woman, Queen Marie Antoinette when losing has left a great beauty secret heraceate but no less semiconductors.0: 00/3: 39 nammarie Antoinette The last queen of France was less than 20 years old. When he was in the age of 15, the first 15 years of Christmas, Ms. Nhan Danh was the daughter of the Kingdom of the King of Maria Theresa, was given to the son of the French King Louis 15 when only 15 years old. Although the queen of a large kingdom, many people are loved by many people, but she is not a happy husband

. Not just the founder for the French fashion industry, Marie Antoinette - the most famous queen French history besides complex private stories, love scandal is full of spires, she is a symbol of frivolous beauty of France's royal royalties at that time. Little, Marie Antoinette was a girl Beautiful with beauty angel. She is fluent in knowledge from dancing, drama, painting, language, history, to mathematics and political knowledge
Finance, Marie Antoinette is the dream of knowing the young youth at that time. Leaving, in a Bonikeeie Mozart was invited to the palace to play music, the 6-year-old boy at that time did not hesitate to offer the princess Marie Antoinette as a wife.Marie Antoinette in the movie by Kirsten Dunoin Play the role of her most beautiful beauty at that time. White porcelain skin, platinum hair, blue eyes and red lips are the standards of beauty at that time.Marie Antoinette is extremely proud of his beauty. When I was to go to France, the whole king, the princes and the people were gracefisting her beauty, only her husband - King Louis 16 did not realize this and deliberately remained far from her. This unintentionally caused Marie Antoinette to feel his elegial age was buried and sought to rebelliously by living a lifetime to overcome all the status and social standards at that time. Marie Antoinette discharge Stress because her husband does not bear a bed with a party to the morning. "The notorious players" in the queen's teacher at that time to mention Louis XVI's younger brother - Countess Artois, Duke De Ligne , Count Dillon, Vaudreuil .
. Although Marie Antoinette's life leaves a lot of controversy both in terms of streaming and scandalism, all historical facts recognize her overwhelming beauty. The beauty tips of Marie Antoinette are also invaluable assets that make millions of European women overlooked, admire and follow the skin detox, purify the body's favorite snacks of the queen as a recipe Favorite Danish women include lavender juice, watermelon, cucumber, lemon, crushed seeds from the famous dessert cake in France with white wine served with stewed doves. The above drinks have a formula that is similar to the types of detox that modern women often use to purify the body and stimulate the digestive process more effectively. After the dancing and dancing in Champagne Drinking this detox helps the queen to balance the body and help the skin healthy from inside.Se pores with seed oil from the dawn of the beauty industry, Queen Marie Antoinette has smooth art Skin care with the full implementation of basic steps when people haven't remembered their names. She washed her face with a manual soap, skin balance with toner made from essence grapes picking in May nine succulent. Thay for today's rose water, Marie Antoinette used a spanking grape seed oil Apply and massage the skin after the face wash. Hair care with nature masks Edge for skin care, hair care is also the queen's concern. Under the fashionable gray wig is toneless, few people know Queen Marie Antoinette is a girl with sweet and charming blonde hair. She takes care of her hair and turning them to become healthy with an effective hair mask with palm essential oils, sandalwood essential oils and pacific. Beside the skin, the hair is also a characteristic Attracting the eyebrow of the western woman at the time. The dark spot to cover the defect of the lane at the moment, the smallpox is a nightmare that no one wants to encounter. With the yet developed medical background, after colored beans will leave bruises, pitting on the skin and the face of the patient. Queen Marie Antoinette covered those flaws with a thick "mask" with a thick white chalk and blushed cheeks "clapped" the beauty trend of the 18th century. Old often "plaster" many lipsticks on their face. Thick makeup layer will help them cover the disadvantage of the ponytum of smallpox. Bathes become artifies Antoinette often spend every hour for bathing. She frequently relaxed in the bath with a special water consisting of pine seeds, flax seeds and sweet almonds that help moisturize and submit

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