Being A Love, My Husband Called The Old Lover Name, The Next Day I Wanted To Buy The Dough About Eating And Made Him Afraid Of ‘green Face’

Arriving at the climax, her husband looked into my eyes and called the old lover's name. This makes me feel angry.0: 00/3: 17 Nam Nam married for 1 year. My marriage life is quite happy. The couple have work with a stable salary

. The house has been given parents. Although it is only a 70m2 apartment, we are all feeling comfortable. Before taking me, her husband had a lovely affair for more than 5 years
However, I don't understand because of something 2 people break up. I am not curious about my husband's past, so I never asked him in the heart of the affair. And her husband from the day I didn't mention the name of the old man ... Then until Tuesday, my husband went to the company festival. More than 11 pm he came home. Both the whole smell of wine, he was drunked. I hurriedly supported him into the bedroom, changing clothes at home to get him more comfortable. Who doubt, looking at the clothes for her husband, I picked me up to the bed asking for "that"
At first I hurriedly stopped him, because her husband was drunk. But my strength did not resist long, I finally let go of her husband ... are coming to the climax, her husband looks straight into my eyes and calls the old lover's name. I thought I heard it wrong. But he called the second time still the name of the girl. I naturally felt shocked, hatching. I turned to 1 side, I burst into tears. My husband was at that time. I'm tangled apologize to me, explaining that it's just because you miss your mouth. He promised to never repeat anymore ... after calm down, I didn't cry anymore, lay turned back to her husband and fell asleep. (Artwork) The next day, my husband considered the last night 1 incident at drunk! I just told me apologized and happily like none happened. That night goes home, I don't cook rice but only go to the market to buy doughs about eating. Her husband asked for the reason, I just said that I was tired and didn't want to cook. It is also a psychological person, so my husband doesn't ask much. He opened the cabinet, took shrimp noodles and he had to eat himself. That night my husband ate shrimp noodles with peaches ... but then the following days, I still didn't cook but only peached out of the plate and putting the table to it. Looking at her husband disappointed clearly when I sat in the dining table, I was nature of fun. On the third day, my husband couldn't stand it anymore. He broadened and grumbled in lazy wife. At that time, I was just gently replied to you: "Oh. I just thought he liked to eat peaches. Not the other night, are close to your wife, but you still call the digest 3 times that? Boredarily peach rice, I serve all ... that's why do you turn to me? " . He swore that he himself did not intentionally, it was just because the yeast made him not to master his consciousness. Husband said now he just loved me, and no longer thought to any other woman. To compensate for the other meal, the husband Book Rooms at a resort near Hanoi and ask me to go to the next week ... reheating love! I temporarily forgive my husband and warn you : "Old lover is like the third person who came into the happiness of others. If you let me find it once again, I will definitely eat fruits to replace rice!" Being threatened by me, her fear of blue face, swear to say it. Then I know my husband received an error and promised to change. But it is not everyone? I will still pinned this in your heart and will be more alert. Certainly I don't let a character breaks the happiness of your life! In the sunflower HT (Vietnamese life rhythm)

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