Being Bad Debt, After 5 Years Continues To Borrow Again

According to the rules, loans that users have borrowed at banks or credit institutions but do not pay the committed term are called bad debts.02: 00/0: 58 Nutrays This bad debt will be Stayed on the National Credit Information Center - CIC and directly affects the credit rating of the customer, greatly affecting the following loans. According to Clause 1, Article 11 of the Circular 03/2013 / TT-NHNN, NEW history information of borrowers is provided by CIC for a maximum of 5 years, since the final arising time. Time to be deleted bad debt will depend on Overdue time and different bad debt levels, of which group 1 is a safe debt, capable of borrowing; Debt Group 2 will be deleted after 1 year if paying the original and interest; Bad debt group 3 - debt under standards, group 4 - doubts and group 5 - debt capable of losing capital, after paying enough originals, interest, bad debt history is deleted after 5 years (after 5 years then the customer will continue to borrow again).

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