Being Beaten By The Board, Black Bears Disassemble The Network

It was planning to attack tiger, black bears suddenly suffered by two adult tiger rushing to the council to the level of disassembling of death.00: 00: 20: MXH Initial information, this unbelievable scene was recorded Back at a stream beach in eastern China. Specifically, according to the development, two tigers were comfortable playing, unexpectedly a black bear appeared. Soon after, it approached and tried to attack two tiger tigers. At this time, the two school tigers into the bush appeared

. Seeing rival rushing, the battle guy only had a way to stand upright and hit the war. The war was extremely fierce, sometimes two tigers were black bears to the ground but could not replace the rival . After being tigen to the stream and jumped up to attack, the black bear was promptly dodged and then the speed was taken away
Phan Nguyen

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