Being Criticized ‘fat Does Not Give Me’, Beautiful Girl Losing My Weight

The special appearance is the sentence: 'Fat without laying ", pretty girl from Binh Thuan named Thanh Thanh has a miracle weight loss journey. For Nguyen Thi Thanh Thanh (born in 2001, Native Binh Thuan ) - The girl weighs 83kg, the fear of bringing the body is not a criticism, teasing from strangers but a fierce appearance from the relatives themselves. As a word teasing accidentally becomes an obsession against Thanh Thanh, causing her deep injury for a long time. Grade 12, Thanh Thanh weighs 83kg, the role of corn meat, shape. She faced her vitreosis and the threatening of everyone around

. It knew, her parents were also very bothered by daughter's fatty appearance. Not to mention, the more weighing, her health decreased, the heavily body made her walk difficult, often tired, difficulty breathing. So when she entered the first year of college, she was determined to lose weight
Thank you: "New to college, when I am unknowingly see my own image on the school website at foreign participation Lock, I know it's time to change. This appearance causes himself to lose too much joys and opportunities "Initially, Thanh Thanh begins the weight loss journey by dieting, even fasting. However, the effect doesn't see, only showing that she gets body weakness, jaundice, hair loss. The bar is seen, suggesting for girls to use functional foods to lose weight but in the end, Thanh decided to choose how to lose weight science, long-term but good for health. With regular exercise. Less than 6 months, I decreased from 83kg to 57kg. However, some time later, I got lost control and increased to 65kg. Then, I realized I didn't have it Even if I don't persevere. I watched Tiktok channels instructions for dining science, applied by that and dropped to 53kg "Currently, Binh Thuan girl owns a dreaming with three measurements Standard round: 90-62-90 (cm). From a fat person, sow, now, she is confident with a slender and sexy body
The bar wishes to have a healthy body, toned Currently, she actively practiced exercises Antenna. Readers Watch Videos: "Hot Girls" Viet and molecards make people stunned - Source: Yan NewstHien Anh

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