Being ‘cutlery’ Beauty For Guests, The ‘doctor’ Suddenly Takes A Horrifying Action, And Laughs And Laughing And Dancing, Making The Online Community

Before these scary actions in the surgery room, many people expressed an annoyance and doubt the 'doctor' of this cosmetic surgery. Own CEO Hanh Nguyen does not hesitate to call always hot boy 'slaughterhouse' aesthetic.0: 00/3: 47 nam nuoiNam here, the Tiktok social network is transmitting the hands of the net by netizens to say about a case Called "hot boy aesthetic slaughterhouse". In this video, a young man wearing surgical clothing performs surgery, but doesn't understand anything when it is working on a guest facial, this guy pulled a mask and used dancing machines and dancing According to the very vibrant music.Video shared made the online community extremely scared, many people expressed a clear pressing

. Many people who judge people who perform this aesthetic surgery are only "hot boy aesthetic slaughterhouse" rather than a cosmetic doctor. The arbitrarily pulled the mask out of the face as soon as in the surgery room, it also made us afraid of the consequences later.Ceo Hanh Nguyen expressed the pressing before the youth's clip was said to be "hot Boy slaughterhouse "before this problem, CEO Hanh Nguyen posted video Tiktok expressing an urter
CEO HANH NGUYEN DANG Download the clip of hot boy "slaughterhouse" and commented frankly: "This is not a plastic surgery room. This is a slaughterhouse. Just a little error occurs in making plastic surgery It is also possible to have a complication ". Mon.Ceo Hanh Nguyen called" doctor "in this clip is hotboy" slaughterhouse "CEO Nguyen said she was very opposed to this action. "You can't be your customer's life / health to make a joke. The way you do so does that you don't have any medical knowledge about forming surgery, knowledge about it bacteria ". You are really awake when making decisions to choose the address, who performs cosmetic surgery. Beauty surgeons explain 4 reasons for happy CEO Nguyen to speak hot boy "slaughterhouse" aesthetic Completely accurately, a cosmetic surgeon in Ho Chi Minh City affirmed that CEO Hanh Nguyen's opinion is completely accurate. The doctor gave the reasons to make the CEO happy to be so frustrated: the doctor affirmed that the CEO Hanh Nguyen said right
One is, the aesthetic surgery room for guests as in the video reflection without guaranteed Standard of a normal surgical room. You notice will see rugged walls, easily dusty. This gloves are unlikely to be sterile because gloves do not cover the sleeve .ba is, your working style is not a doctor's work. Because there aren't any doctors who carry gloves, especially gloves that have touched the guest's face and pulling the mask. If you are trained, you will not spread such sterility. This method is completely wrong and loses it. This is the most important thing that a cosmetic surgeon must have but you don't guarantee.Bs Duong Ngoc Toan emphasizes this not the main cosmetic surgeon.Chia Share more about the problem Hey, BS Duong Ngoc Toan (BS specialized in cosmetic surgery, working in Ho Chi Minh City) especially stressed, the gloves that the "surgeon" is not a sterile gloves because it has not been sealed sleeve. Being for guests, the guy brought his hand to pull the mask to jump and then the next surgery, "Serious level like this, are you sure that the other device is not infected like HIV or hepatitis B? HANH NGUYEN CHING NO NOT ANY ANY YOU ". Can say, in general surgery and aesthetic surgery in particular, ensuring sterility in the surgery room plays an important role leading to help customers / diseases Human health safety, followed by ensuring beauty results. Therefore, when traveling to the surgery, you must not forget the two most important criteria to help you safely safely. One is to choose skilled doctors, high levels, have many years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. The second is to choose the prestigious, recognized basis of management agencies, the Ministry of Health, avoid absolutely at spas and salons walking ... to avoid loss of disabilities.

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