Being ‘death’ After A Month, If The Old Atm Card Is Still Available?

Some banks announced will stop providing services with ATM cards from December 31, 2021, while some major banks affirmed that continue to support the cards not to convert. TPBank Bank recently There was a notice of stopping tape ATM card support from December 31, 2021. This cousin, said that the bank said in accordance with Circular 41/2018 of the State Bank, after July 31 12/2021, the ATM technology cards from (cards with rear bandages) will be stopped supported and are not accepted at transaction points nationwide. This means the old ATM cardholders TPBank will not be able to carry out payment transactions, as well as cash withdrawals at ATM.Theo TPBank, instead, customers can change to the ATM card attaching the contactless chip via TPBank app with a higher level of security

. This bank said the ATM card line with cryptographic data changes according to each transaction, preventing copying, fraud and not stolen information. The above information has made many users of old ATM cards (ATM tape tape) is concerned about not being able to use the card when not converted after December 31, 2021. Many banks notify the service support with the ATM tape tags after December 31 / 2021
Photo: Nam Khanh. Reality, Circular 41 mentioned above has been issued by the monetary management agency since 2018 with the roadmap issued by the end of 2021, the entire payment card is circulating the transmitters Onions in the country must comply with the basic standards of the domestic chip card. Before that, banks also terminated the issuance of ATM tape from March 31, and only issuing chip cards to ensure real Currently, the roadmap. Leaders of the Card Center a state-owned bank (proposed anonymously) indicating that the Bank still supports customers to carry out payment and withdrawal transactions, transfer money through ATM with cards after December 31 / 2021. It said the Bank has supported customers to change cards for free from 2019 to date and is a 2nd ranked bank on the conversion speed. "The bank will strive to complete the transfer route I before December 31, 2021. But this conversion depends heavily on the client side. However, ATM tape cards have not been converted before December 31, 2021 still using and trading normally, "he emphasizes. Reality, at least 2/4 state-owned banks holding market share Onion the biggest ATM card confirmed with zing the ATM tape card after December 31, 2021 without conversion will still be traded normally. Currently, a series of banks are supporting customers to convert ATM tape cards Going to the chip technology card
vietcombank, this bank said customers can go directly to the transaction points and provide the necessary personal information or registration registration immediately on the Digank application to convert the card . After 7-10 working days, customers can get back cards at the banking transaction room or send it to home without loss of fees, Techcombank also allows customers to convert ATM cards from the pine chip card Through 2 ways, go directly to the transaction room or register on the F @ St Mobile app. Chip cards will then be sent to the address that the customer registers. Currently, Techcombank is still free to convert cards for the entire customer.Vietinbank said customers can go to any bank branch / transaction officer to change the card from the chip card. In particular, each customer is free of charge 1 transformation, since the second time, the bank will charge according to the regulatory fee schedule.

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