Being Gray Bears Attacked, A Fine Woman Died

Montana officials said a woman who was attacked by gray bears to death while camping. The authorities are still looking for animals.0: 00/1: 16 nam nam nuns are Leah Davis Lokan - a 65-year-old nurse in Chico, California. Lokan is said to be in a long-distance bike journey And stopping camping in Ovando town, West Montana in the middle of this week, according to AP. The officials estimate gray bears - weighing about 181 kg - first awakened Mrs

. Lokan and two other nearby camps At 3:00 on July 7. They immediately took the food out of the tent, hid it elsewhere, then went to sleep again. A surveillance camera recorded the bear scene back to the camping area about 15 minutes later
When she discovered the bear pulled Lokan From the tent and attack, the surrounding camp people use a spray to chase the bear. Gavin Roselles - Leaders of Powell County Police, Montana - said the police officer received the call of people to pay The bear attack is deadly at 4:15 on the same day. The officials used helicopters to find the bear after the incident but still have not found the animal. Photo: Ap. The investigation agency said the bear's DNA was obtained at the scene and could use it to compare with any bear that they caught. The bear attacks, and lead to Death, very rarely happening in Powell. Only three such cases are recorded in the past 20 years here.

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