Being Obstructed For Sorry For Scratching A Billion Silver Car, The Woman In The Car Stepped Down Made Me Leave

I bent the theater, using the most urgent attitude to apologize to the car owner. Because I know, this is an expensive box driver, scratching a long streak, sometimes my 2-month salary also does not compensate enough.0 of the year. the company. Closing your eyes to sleep more 5 minutes but when I woke up, I was almost ready to do it

. This month I went late 5 times already, more time it would be deducted from all rewards. The hard salary of 5 million has loved it! Just a car just looked at the watch, I didn't notice the red light in front of me. When she realized and found a glimpse of the traffic police standing nearby, I hurriedly brake
My old motorbike cried out a dazing kit. May I still stop the right line. However, today is my enough black day. It was late to do it, I rammed my car again on the tail of an expensive car. Due to the folding brake to stop the red light, my motorbike head was lost, pulling a long scratch on the other car. And I came to fall, the left arm was hurt quite painful, rusting blood. Looking on the consequences, I wanted to hand. Due to a little understanding of the vehicle, I knew this car was not less than 10 billion. The dents and scratches are so long I have to pay a lot of money. Sometimes my 2-month salary is not enough
Think of the attitude of more than money, I rush to the top of the car to apologize. I bent the theater, using an emergency attitude, proving a pitiful to pray for the other car owner. This range needs to be inactive, just don't be arrested! But, the woman came out from there really made me leave ... (Artwork) It's a virgin - My ex-lover. She looks too different, beautiful and more beautiful. But I still realized that I was. There are more than 6 years without a real change. I never thought I would meet my ex-lover again in this situation. That, I and my virgin were poor students in Hanoi to study. Maybe due to the same situation, the two of us quickly used to and love each other. Trinh always radiated a positive energy. She is dynamic and very lonely. After having a bachelor's degree, I want to study a master's degree, but the family does not agree. I want me to go to work to take care of family life. But may have a virginity. I just went to work and raising me in Master. All costs at that time were due to virginity. I never complained, contrary to my motivation to try to study this, our feelings insisted on. I moved together with Trinh. We live like husband and wife. With 2 years of Master's instruction, I just asked for a pregnancy. I took me about asking my parents to marry, but my mother didn't agree. She went to see the fortune to see that 2 we didn't suit the age. Moreover, my house and Virginity are too far. I just wanted me to take people close to the house, not the girl in Hanoi. We kept in the area forever, I took a virgin to some times she didn't agree, and chase her. When she knew the pregnancy was a daughter, she became even more heartless, determined to not accept him. My parents divers came to my house to talk, the results were still not as expected. Finally Trinh asked how I decided how. If I agree, I and I will live together, do not need a wedding. I just have my father, I love 2 moms, I can choose to listen to my mother. Because I don't swear to leave my old parents ... know my decision, virginity is always in touch. I do not find me. Occasionally asking friends, only virginity decides to be a single mother. For 6 years, I forgot my virginity. So we finally met in this situation. I scratched my head to scratch the ears, why I asked my child: "I watched the car, how much, Mr. Temple". But the Trinh looked at me smiling scornfully: "I am a child for 6 years, I'm not a membrane, seven million silver trees are worth what this car is". I looked inside my daughter. She is pretty and lovely. Since I met the virgin until now, I was stunned. Don't know how he now lives? Have a family? Naturally I want to resume love with virginity ... in the sunflower HT / Fatherland newspaper

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