Being Prosecuted ‘borrowed Buddha’ Flowers, Thuy Tien, Mother Ho Ngoc Ha Responded

Being prosecuted "borrowed flowers of the Buddha", Thuy Tien, Mother Ho Ngoc Ha on the contrary to Thuy Tien, singer Ho Ngoc Ha has contradictory reactions when being "borrowed by the Buddha" netizens, turning the support Aid of the sponsors of their own workers. It has been nearly a year after the volunteer in the centuries of the end but it seems that the story has not yet ended with people in the people, including family Dinh Vinh - Thuy Tien and Mother singer Ho Ngoc Ha, especially related to "borrowing flowers of the Buddha" .Thang Tien - Cong Vinh "Lac" 10 boats are their own? September 13, people The network transmits each other's representative image of Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien awarded 10 boats for villages in Hai Lang, Quang Tri in the late 2020. Notably, the words scored on the boat: "Singer Thuy Tien family - Cong Vinh supports Quang Tri people ". 'The image is said to be Thuy Tien - Cong Vinh used common money to turn into its own

. Many opinions said that the female singer has turned" common money into private money "When only Write the words "Thuy Tien Family - Cong Vinh". In fact, VND 177 billion supports the flood storm in the end of 2020, due to the audience, the sponsors of the country in and outside the country donated. Before the information is not good, Thuy Tien immediately has a feedback
Sharing a series of evidence of aquariums that have never been "forgotten" strongly, FC Thuy Tien said in fact, female singers have 2 boat supporters for the Central region. MTQ's money is clearly recorded Previously. The boat machine from the contribution of strong sponsors, the female singer also used individuals supporting Quang Tri 10 boats on the central flight trip on December 14, 2020 (after nearly 1 month Previous flood support). At December 22, 2020, the boat was handed over to the province. These 10 boats are contributed from personal money so Thuy Tien couple - Cong Vinh to name it is absolutely reasonable, accurately. Thuy Tien is an artist who actively relief the Central in the calendar History 2020.Also, in the last time, the female singer also gives more cash and built some houses for a grandmother. Recently, netizens continued to transmit hands with the image of Ms. Ngoc Huong - Mother singer Ho Ngoc Ha gave charity money to difficult people. However, what makes netizens pay special attention is the words on the signboard: "Supporting money from Ngoc Huong (Mother Ho Ngoc Ha) 3,000,000"
I.Nay immediately, the image receives a lot of mixed opinions. Many opinions said that Mother Ho Ngoc Ha went to do charity with common money, due to strong sperms contributed but only for personal names. Singer Ho Ngoc Ha came to a place to give charity gifts to the central people. However, it is now only one-way information from the social network, has not been determined that the amount of support for singer Ho Ngoc Ha singer is a common money or family money. Netizens are waiting for Ms. Ngoc Huong to speak about the real case.

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