Being Raped By Husband’s Husband’s House, His Daughter About The Mother’s Mother In The Middle Of The Road, The Spectacle Caused Anyone

Just because she didn't return the holidays to her house when she got the woman who went home to quarrel with her mother and then beat my mother. Marriage is one of the most important events of life. According to the traditional Chinese customs, boys will take the ceremony of the same amount to the girl's home before the wedding organization. Many families then use the number of this ceremony to make a daughter's daughter, the purpose is to return it to her home with the status of daughter in her husband's house will be better than.00: 00/00: 08tuy However, in early September, the Chinese social network appeared the video returning to the fight between mother and daughter because of the Festival

. Accordingly, the incident happened since February in Hefei, Anhui Province. Specifically, the girl when she returned to her husband's house was not returned to the money for boys, so the bride when he returned to her husband's house Raise your head. Every day his mother-in-law is always looking for excuses to block books, cursing scolds the bride, even her husband is lighter, not a wife who is half a word
Non-suffer from this scene, the woman about home advancers to pay for the ceremony For her husband's house and both have argued. Later, due to unless his feelings, the woman took his hand to hit the old mother in the middle of the road between the market. The daughter continuously beat her mother in the middle of the road. Video is posted on social networks See, the mother was struck by her daughter. However, when she was lying on the ground, the daughter was still non-stop, constantly slapping her face, even using her mother. Just hit my mother, her daughter shouted: "Wholesaler. I'm at home, people are all over ". This scene is sighted, some people around them run to prevent. A boy is said to be a woman's son and cried, hugging her mother's legs but she still didn't stop, continuing to scold, beat old mother. The work after being posted on social networks Quickly attract crowded attention of public opinion with many opposes
Some people criticize the mother who was no different from selling daughters, why did the daughter suffer like that without paying the holidays for boys. Meanwhile, others argue that the boy's house is too hard to treat the daughter-in-law. However, what makes people more indignant is the act of daughter who bits the mother in the middle of the road. Because no matter how wrong the mother is, the fact that I am not acceptable.

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