Being Sarcasticen, I Am Embarrassing, My Husband Suddenly Spoke Up Makes Everyone Silent

Hearing my brandish said I found myself a poor and miserable. Them the day before the occasion of the weekend so my husband and my husband and my husband and my husband and my husband took me to visit my grandparents. Everyone is chatting very happy, I look down at my new shoes and utter up: "How much do you buy this shoes?". I laughed: "There are 100 thousand, but I go smoothly very. That place is still discounting, do you want to buy? " I bought it when the promotion store, if it was the price of nearly 200 thousand

. I thought my bride saw beautifully wanting to ask the purchase address so enthusiastically introduced. I suspected my sister's next sentence made me embarrassed: "The shoes are what women have to invest without sorry. Million silver shoes must be bought for a happy
I have to know ourselves more and more, don't buy in a cheapest. "Yanghe sister said I found myself poor and miserable. I myself, the daily spending money is also to calculate the calculation, what is the ability to think about expensive shoes with cheap shoes. Nuchar years my husband always a lord for the family, love your wife and children squid. (Artwork) While I'm embarrassing do not know how long I have to respond to my bride, my husband suddenly said: "It's my fault that doesn't care good for your wife. At home to take care of your children. I should have been good at Giang to make a lot of money so that my wife is comfortable to shop for yourself, suffering you incompetent ... I'll try harder so I hope I don't look at me, Please! "
The following is her husband turning to tell me. The whole husband's house was silent and embarrassed to another. Actually I have never blamed her husband. Economic difficulties in general, currently my husband's income is also 20 million / month but worry about the whole family, the number is still not absorbed by the tower. For me, my husband is happy, obedient children, Healthy has been happy. In the past years, my husband always a lot of money for the family, loving his wife and wives. That day he stood out to protect his wife in front of her husband's house, making me touch and excited. Although the material life is not enough, but I was so satisfied enough. (Ngohuyeen ... @ under

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