Being Teased Because She Was A ‘popular’ Photo Model, Actor Shang-chi Used Old Photos To ‘turn On’ Again

While the movie 'Shang-Chi and legendary cross' are setting a record in North America, many viewers find old actors 'photos - Simu Liu - when he is a model to capture photos' popular ', ie images that are mostly used for free online. It is not afraid to be used to be 'troll', Liu also used that old image to respond to those who criticized, doubt him.Simu Liu, 32 years old, the main actor in the film Shang-chi and the Legend of the movie Ten Rings (Shang-chi and legendary crossing) are now living in a beautiful dream because Marvel's first Asian superhero movie has record revenue in North America. And while Liu is taking into account Successful enjoyment, his old photos are "dig" and share: It is a photo at Liu's first time, when he is a model in the "popular" photos .Simu Liu In the movie poster "Shang-Chi"

. Photo: Shang-chi / Twitter. Making a model image is a very normal story, but many netizens teased Liu because he modeled in photos of usually copyrighted free and used by many people graphics, advertising course or in files to present. Liu body also revealed in an interview that he was paid $ 120 (about 2
7 million) to take those photos and then he Being "debt credit card" .Simu Liu in a "popular" photo. Photo: Fatcamera / Getty Images.Liu has a role of many audiences called "ejaculation" with reckless actions in Shang-Chi movies. But when netizens "teased" for each model "popular", Liu also showed humor when using it right away from those pictures to "turn on" those who have criticized and suspicious He is like a movie. He repointed a photo of his "popular" photo - the photo of the office staff who was looking at the computer screen - and wrote: "This is I'm laughing at people who have thought them I will fail. "The old" popular "image Simu Liu has just posted to" turn on "those who have doubt him. Photo: Twitter. Reality, Liu is a very straightforward person. In August, when Disney CEO was Bob Chapek saying that Shang-Chi was "an interesting experiment" (because the film was shown in the theaters and after 45 days, it was shown on Disney channel), Liu was unhappy And responding by writing on social networks: "We are not an experiment
We are the subject to be underestimated. We are the people breaking the prejudice. We are honoring culture and joy ... We are surprisingly ".Simu Liu is a very straightforward person. Photo: NBC News. Netizens say, Liu not only acts well but also very creative, so many people suggest that he should participate in television shows, because with humor and frankness, certainly You will show an impression without a loss of filming. Please do so many sources

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