Being To Buy Water, Pretty Girls Suddenly Dropped Pants To Pillow, Causing People Around Opening Around

While buying water, the girl suddenly had a long-to-knee-cutting action to make many people around it surrounded. Keeping your attention, avoiding. But recently, a clip recorded a girl with sensitive actions causing many people around I.00: 00/00: 13 Clip about the girl's actions causing social networks. , the girl standing on buying water, remembering me to make money in the pants pocket in, now the girl doesn't hesitate but have the action to drop long pants to the knees in front of many men, men from big Age to young people

. After the girl takes this action, many people around don't get along "blushing", surprised at the girl's actions. Despite wearing inside pants but the act of sensitive in front of many men, even an older who also caused many arguments. Girls take action to drop pants in public, in front of many men, yes Both older people contribute fiercely
After buying the water, the girl pulled up and walked away. At this moment, the guy who sold the water also pulled out long pants to take money into the pants pocket in and put long pants under the pillow. Most expresses disagree with this way of doing this girl's guy.Anh who sells the water then catches the actions before this pants. Some comments suggest that the girl can still take money in pants pants in Must pull down the pants to the pillow in front of so many people. Some others think, perhaps the girl and the guy who sells this country is just filming the viewing clip on the social network. However, do not bring older people to make jokes at such sensitive actions, so that the clip is still making public opinion intense.

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