Belgium Organized The National Mission To Commemorate The Victims Died Because Of The Flood

The historic flood last week was submerged Lìege province and some cities in the east and south of Belgium in Wallonie region caused 31 people to kill and 116 people missing.0 of the year: 00/2: 04 NAMVUA Philippe and Queen Mathilde came to Verviers to attend the memorial and meet the victim families. (Source: EPA) According to VNA reporter in Brussels, the whole of Belgium on July 20 spent a minute of mind to commemorate the victims killed in the flood that devastated part of the country on 14 and 15 / 7. This is the first time Belgium organized a national mourning since 2016, after a series of terrorist attacks at Brussels International Airport and the subway train station in the city center, 32 people were killed and more than 320 people Wounded. Historically flooding last week submerged Lìege province and some cities in East and South Belgium in Wallonie region killed 31 people and 116 people missing

. Dozens of houses are destroyed by floodwater. On July 20, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde came to Verviers, one of the towns in Liege province, was the worst affected flooding, to attend the memorial and Meet the victims' families. After the moment of wearing, Chairman of the European Commission (EC) Ursula von der Leyen announced that EC is always close to the side of the people to help them create life and house
The European Council, Charles Michel, and the Ambassadors of EU member states also spend a minute to commemorate flood victims. From July 16, the country began to withdraw from flooded areas and according to the center Crisis prevention, the situation was stable. However, many houses are destroyed by water, overlapping cars, branches and waste with piled up at the foot of the bridge, creating an incredible scene. This is the historic flood unprecedented Belgium for the past 200 years and causes serious consequences. Brussels city decided to cancel the National Festival to celebrate on July 21. Namur City, the capital of Wallonie, also canceled fireworks celebrating the National Day. To support victims, people everywhere in Belgium have donated money, clothes, food and welcome people with houses The door was damaged. On July 20, the Wallonie Regional Premier, Elio Di Rupo announced the Government in the Emergency Support Region for 2 billion euros for localities affected to rebuild after flooding ./. Huong Giang (VNA / Vietnam)

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