Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Love On The Red Carpet

After an intimate moment at the Red Carpet Venice Film Festival, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck continued to pay attention when kissing through the mask at the Met Gala event. September 13 (US time), Met Gala program with master Printing America: A Lexicon of Fashion takes place at Metropolitan Art Museum, New York, USA. Although in the episodes, the event still gathered Hollywood's famous star like Jennifer Lopez - Ben Affeck, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner ..

. contrary to previous predictions. Photo: Vogue. Meeting Mistress Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck continues to be the focal point of attention when together attend the Met Gala event
On the red carpet, J. Loving a sophisticated costume with deep-lined collar, the elevated part with long skirt legs, feathers. The 52-year-old star chooses fur coats, helmet inspired by the West, the necklace with cardboard. J. Costumes are quite cumbersome, lacking specific accents and make the singer overshadowed completely by the dress. Photo: Ap.ben Affleck accompones your girlfriend to the event. Famous ships keep elegant style as often. Two stars have a mask to attend fashion events during the episodes. Bennifer (the nickname of two stars) has many intimate moments on the red carpet
Photo: Getty.Kho the most impressive moment of the stars is kissing through the mask. According to Page Six, this is not the first time J. Lo and Ben Affleck pays attention to communication from the date of reunification decision. The became the center of Bennifer's media took place only three days after the "wave" lovers at the Venice Film Festival. Photo: Getty. On September 10, Jennifer Lopez and his boyfriend to attend the Movie The Last Duel at the 78th Venice Film Festival in Italy. On the 10th day of the event, the stars attract all attention. J. Lo holds his boyfriend's hand during the program. Since the reunion after 17 years of kissing, Venice Film Festival is the first big event with two stars attending. Photo: Getty. With appearance in Met Gala, J. Lo and Gone Girl continually show affection, under US Weekly. However, contrary to cumbersome feather costumes, J. Lo scoring at Venice Film Festival with a white dress with a deep chest, the stone necklace. Daily Mail Ca Voice on the Floor scored from style, makeup style to a slim shape at age 52. Photo: Getty. A day before the red carpet, Bennifer was interested when there was a city tour Sea Venice. From the love at the airport, there are emotional gestures on the yacht ... are interested in media. Four days, J. Lo and Ben Affleck are a dense couple appearing on news pages, social networks. Photo: Ap.Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck only temporarily apart on September 12. Female singer spends time coming to MTV VMAS 2021 without a boyfriend. She appeared on a big stage to award the song's song for singer Gen Z Olivia Rodrigo. Photo: Billboard.Theo Page Six, from the reunion date, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are almost inseparable. They have romantic holidays in Italy, and attending J. Lo in the yacht in France, taking each other's children to see the musical, to the amusement park ... The 49-year-old actor is not recorded by Paparazzi The moment goes to see engagement rings in Century City, California. Photo: Mega. However, PEOPLE's sources affirmed that J. Lo does not rush to make marriage decisions with Ben Affleck. Two stars feel cohesive, the marriage at the moment is unnecessary. J. Lo and Affleck were engaged in 2002, then decided that the Thoai road went in early 2004. They don't want to go into the past. Photo: Mega.Chang Duong

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