Benefits And Methods Improve Body Posture

When you're young, you can be annoyed when listening to the adults who instruct themselves like: 'sitting straight' or 'don't hunchback again'. In fact, the maintenance of good posture in daily activities is very important for us to protect physical and mental health in a long time.0 of the year: 00/2: 33 Southern nationals Healthy, good posture is that when the spine is kept in a straight position - don't fold forward and don't go back to the back while sitting, lying or standing. For example, when you stand against the wall, good posture will be when head, shoulders, buttocks touch the wall, while the shoulders, thighs and pillows are on a straight line. Holding a good position for the body More health benefits, namely: - Prevent muscle pain; - Reduce the risk of spinal injury and joint problems; - Reduce the risk of lumbar pain, neck pain, shoulder and headache; - Enhancing energy, increase lung capacity, promoting circulating and digestive system; - Improve mental health because it enhances confidence

. Back, not keeping good posture can affect To overall health, especially easy to cause neck fatigue, shoulders, back pain, even joint damage. The reason is a false posture forced muscles in the neck and back to work too much, due to lack of support from the spine. Over time, the efforts of the immune system to heal overloaded muscles can lead to inflammation in adjacent joints
Measures to improve the body posture First, you need to pay much attention More attention to sitting posture. When sitting on the desk, remember to hold the shoulder and arm at a 90 degree angle. Set a straight and high-level computer screen. "Most people put lower computer monitors for easy to see, but this significantly increases the pressure for the neck" - American orthodontic doctor Andrew bang note. A study of the "antique pain technology "(Ancient pain due to continuously bowing to look at the phone screen or tablet) shows that, when you keep your head in the role, the weight over the spine is only about 4.53kg. But every 2.54cm tilted head forward, the weight put on your spine will nearly double it. Besides, try to act as much as possible, whether sitting or standing work. After a long working hour, pause and walk around
If you are not convenient, make some spot gymnastics to relax for spine and muscle bundles. Lifestyle improvements in a more dynamic direction every day, you can also make some collective articles Exercise has enhanced muscle strength to help improve body posture. Note that any training plan needs 4-6 weeks to promote efficiency. Here are the exercises that improve their easy position at home: Superman. Lying on the episode with 2 arms stretching straight on the head like a superman. After that, at the same time raise the limbs and stay still for a few seconds. Slowly lower your legs, relax and repeat the movement. Core muscles. The abdomen, Plank (anti-elbow) and stretching stretches to strengthen the core muscles, helping to improve body posture. Expand neck. Sit comfortably and strongly turn the rear output into the seats or on the arm. Keep for 30 seconds and then repeat many times to enhance the strength of the ancient muscle. Expand the shoulder blades. This is an exercise to move trapezoids and rhombus muscles to help pull the shoulder blades backwards. Keep the stretcher in front of the face and high on the shoulder, then stretch the chest, slightly bend the arm. Return to the start and repeat position. Open your chest. Stand upright, hold two wide legs with hips. Inhale, puff out her chest in front and reach the back. Continue exhalation while returning the original posture. Buttocks. Lie on your back in a comfortable position. Lifting your knees with the palms touching the floor and a little away from her hips. After that, raise your hips and inhale. Keep in 10 seconds and exhale, and then bring your hips back to the original position. Now (by Times Now,

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