Benefits Of Running 5 Km Per Day

With the first 5 km goals, you can maintain daily running habits to recognize unexpected changes in your body and life.0: 00/4: 02 male sports practice is one In important factors to maintain and improve health, not everyone forms this habit. Here are the practical benefits of jogging - popular sports activities that everyone can practice. Lender physical health indicators Ringing as one of the campaigns to burn calories , Increase efficiency life. The coordination of hand-legs - backs - hips good support for reducing cholesterol, excess fat of many muscle groups

. You can track the health index, the progress in practice through 2 indices is VO2 Dark Multi (maximum oxygen consumption when moving) and age of physical. Plasping, an adult when resting will have a heartbeat 75 times / minute (average 60-100 times) and the respiratory system with index 12-20 times. With the maintenance of training, cardiovascular and respiratory health will be strengthened
The set of 5 km per day helps maintain and improve physical health indicators. Joggers also help strengthen bone joints , Create a solid frame for the body both when you are old. Practicing regularly combining reasonable diets to help you own beautiful physique, healthy hearts and strong immune systems. As for trying to force yourself with etched diet menu, lose weight, but Once stopping the body gains the weight again, you can combine regular sports and eat enough substances to improve immune health. You can track health indicators, progress in practice Garmin smart watch. Help you love more life Many people often run to agree that they feel higher working performance since participating in the practice. Besides, with increasing heart rate by step by step, The methods run slowly - accelerate - reduce or breathe steadily, blood and oxygen pumping on the brain also maintains at a better level. This activity stimulates BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor) - Nervous nerves derived from the brain to encourage growth and life of nerve cells in the brain. After a evening workout, you will have a good night's sleep. Garmin Forerunner 55 plans to run as a personal trainer on the wrist, the Garmin Forerunner 55 smart watch can be sexy Excited to help you love running as well as sports practice, conquering new goals
Garmin Forerunner 55 accompanies you in jogging joint. With beginners, 5 km is the ideal running distance. In order to achieve this indicator, you need a detailed plan, namely: Prepare workout: Set up a training program with 5 simple steps on Garmin Coach and record indicators through training sessions. At that time, dreams to conquer 5 km or even semi-marathon will no longer be too far away. Flexible practice: Each runner has different indicators of health, practice history, recovery time . Garmin can measure and calculate indicators to suggest you advanced exercises depending on the ability. Fully relax: Restoration is an important part but often overlooked during practice. Inadequate recovery can adversely affect physical and performance. With the Foreunner 55, the Sleep Score function can help you track and score sleep quality based on elements such as sleep lengths, Time to go to sleep, heighten / startled in the middle of his ... In addition, based on heart rate parameters, stress, spo2 and the next night's sleep, Garmin can tell you the body energy level Ready for activities on the new day (Body Battery). You should also regularly monitor the recovery level through the feature of recovery time on Forerunner 55 to maintain hard workout, quickly achieving the expected results. It is a simple sport everyone Can participate and start, jogging still need to incorporate science to exercise to achieve goals, do not cause harms to the body such as muscle tension, injury due to overwork, heart beating too fast and tired , lack of oxygen. A clock with simple, easy to use as Forerunner 55 promises to be the device that supports you to practice Chu, understand your body, accompany you from the first steps to the finish line . In the launch of Garmin Forerunner 55, Mr. Dan Barte - Garmin's Vice President of Global Business - once affirmed: "Accompanying customers during the past time, we know they like a watch Simple, easy to use. Therefore, Forerunner 55 was born aimed at bringing modern technologies, useful and appropriate features, helping users easily achieve their goals in practice, and more motivation towards a healthier lifestyle day ".giang Nhat Minh

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