Between Covid-19, Some Southeast Asian Countries Choose To Open The Door To The Economy

Although the Covid-19 pandemic situation is still complicated in Southeast Asia, countries are gradually realizing that they can hardly continue to maintain blockade measures and relaxation. Economy.0: 00/4: 42 Southern Southern Many Southeast Asia countries choose to open the door to revive the economy. Pictures of people on the street of Orchard Road shopping in Singapore on September 7. (Source: AFP) "distant dream" at factories in Vietnam and Malaysia, in hair salons in Manila, Philippines or Singapore's office towers, management agencies are promoting open plans Return doors, find a balanced solution between preventing the spread of epidemics and economic recovery activities

. Test measures include military support for food delivery, workers "production and quarantine , Accommodation on the spot ", sealed by region and allowed people who had vaccinated to restaurants and offices. The low vaccine of Covid-19 vaccination caused Southeast Asia to become one of the susceptible areas The most damage in the world for Delta variations. In the context of the increasingly stressful fiscal situation due to previous economic stimulus and the strength of the weakened monetary policy, the measures of blockade and distance ways are becoming more or less less feasible
Economic house of ANZ Krystal Tan Bank commented: "It is a difficult balance between life and livelihoods". She noted that Singapore also struggled with a sudden increase in cases even though the country had the world's leading vaccination rate. The factories in Southeast Asia stopped actively caused cockroaches Paragraph in the supply chain. Automobile manufacturers like Toyota Motor Narrow production and retailer of Abercrombie garments

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