Between Noise Huge Silver, Tran Lo: I Don’t Want To Come Back Because I Clearly Looked At Him

Midnight, Tran Lo Dang Chan indicates its current status after getting hit by huge tunneling against silver.02: 00/2: 30 Southern national curtains are the center of Cbiz When his girlfriend - Tran Lo Nam singer singer treatment with me. On the Personal page, Tran Lo said when two dating, Huoc Ton remained with other women, underwent "Love One Night" and had a perverted life. She launched a lot of evidence to prove that huge lives wrongly. Between the noise of the silver, Tran Lo: I don't want to come back because I looked clearly to see the man

. Come here, follow the Sina page to report on 13 / 8, after "peeling the mask" of Hobong Ton, Tran Lo gave a post on midnight on Weibo, she thanked everyone who cared for her, and informed the current status still very is fine. Besides, she also affirmed that there was no reunion with the Last Sun, because Tran Lo had cleared the person of the 31-year-old voice. Literature of the article Tran Lo: "Thank you all your interest
I still be peaceless and are at a friend's house. From the day threatened, I don't have any thoughts will be reunited. From early to the end, I just want a satisfactory explanation and a decent apology . No one wants to bring your private life to show public. From the first post on Weibo until now, I spent a lot of time, now just want to end well. His just made me clear the face of this person. The reason he hidden Weibo was because of the talks that showed his disgrace. Even recordings happen after this incident, A dancer doesn't have a name like me when you have to have a noise that has chosen how to solve such something wrong? Weibo is the community social networking platform, accidentally taking up a lot of time of the whole family, to today , heart My situation is no longer available, the deputy fame wears life. At love, I was voluntary, happy, because I didn't face the right person myself. I have reversed my 9 years to draw lessons experienced, hoping I can take the province of people, girls will meet the right person
I also apologize for your parents, friends, relatives, sorry People always support me. But the person I need to apologize is myself. I have made it clear in the previous posts, who believes in my conspiracy theory can stop your actions? Because of such people, the opinion argues that the victims are always guilty, but many people are harmed without daring to speak up. I also thank the always encouraging and supporting me, you make me feel so This gender still has good things! ". Huo Poàng sinh was a 9-year-old girlfriend. After 11/8, Huoc Ton wrote a hand-letter response to the love story with Tran Lo. Late. However, his apology is not well received by the public when Huoc Ton doesn't give any explanation of the accused of Tran Lo.

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