Between Pandemic, Think About Policy With Doctors, Medical Staff

The battle against Pandemic Covid-19 entered the 21st month. Many medical officials are almost exhausted, there are people who sacrifice to win life for us in: 00/7: 05 South Vietnam Shields If the situation also lasts more than months, I'm a thermal "shield" "shield", the responsibility and experience of the medical team can probably penetrated. Submit the Department of Health to understand the situation to report to the Ministry before considering handling even withdrawal of a practice license without the sense of responsibility now. Doctor at Covid-19 Resuscitation Hospital .Hcm

. Photo: Thanh Tung before enforcing this document, all levels should also review the salary policy, the allowances for this team are not inadequate. Especially when in the current society, there are civil servants and officials entitled to a high level of allowance, easy to create pressing when comparing. About our basic, both of our medical forces, Not only at hot spots that throughout the country are brituing, regaining life for infected people
8/9, on VTV1 waves, the films reported titled "boundaries" made many people Melting tears and truly choked the heart before the sense of saving perseveries and persistence of physicians. The medical team at hotspots is seriously overloaded. I always heard Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh is not below once the leadership of the Ministry of Health and the concerned ministries and branches urgently interested in life and processing The degree of fostering medical staff so that they are sufficient to re-create labor force, continue to serve the people. As I study, it is currently arbitrarily arising certain images. Most hospitals are now dead Processing the treatment of patients at the hospital should source many difficulties. Many hospitals are in a slow paid, cutting off levels. Money does not have been poured by the budget immediately. If the Ho Chi Minh City Insurance forces is a person from the hospital of localities to send in, or less pay. As for students and children to graduate from a doctor, there is no practice certificate, which has a contract with the hospital, it is more than 3 million per month. If you don't have a name on the hospital contract, it will be 1 million or less
I still have a lot of fun, volunteering. Our people are proud and remedicient because there are young people who don't accept dangers, wages are not like them. Some hospitals treat heavy patients with too imaginary pressure. Real weight of steel spirit for sick people of a team of doctors and health workers! Considering the remedy policy, the hospital's revenue is located in the medical examination and treatment activities of the hospital. However, since the pandemic appears, many hospitals are limited to other patients, so the source of revenue decreases. Employees who benefit the basic salary according to the State regime plus the allowance to participate in anti-epidemic. The medicine, the doctor will work alternately. For example, a 14-day treatment participant, received 14-day benefits, then circled out isolated at the 14-day hospital, then go home for 7 days. Thus, 21 days do not participate in anti-epidemic, medical doctors will not be entitled to subsidize. Medical members transport materials into a pale hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Thanh TonGs.Ts Truong Viet Binh, former director of Vietnam Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy Institute and Director of Tue Tinh Hospital when witnessing the status of physicians and medical employees working overloaded, he is very feeling Information Viet Binh said that overloading in health facilities ... is also easy to share and understand. Of course this issue is also objective, not a province or city that can have enough medical facilities and human resources when the pandemic outbreaks such as so. Ministry of Health and the Government have mobilized officers Military, medicine and medical equipment in medical units, the training institutions of the whole country to hotspots are very true and necessary. We have quickly established many pale hospitals for provinces and cities with many patients. This contributes significantly to the treatment for Covid-19 patients and reducing pressure on hotspots. However, the support force is still not enough and asynchronous. The reason is that the medical manpower of the provinces and cities is also only limited but right from the time the epidemic has not been residual. According to GS Viet Binh, it is due to the left side of medical service It has clearly revealed its nature after years. Hospitals want to use patient family members, contract nursing care for patient families. They do not want to implement doctor standards and nursing / beds. The purpose is also for a better income than the state salary regulates so there are scenes of hospitals who do not receive enough medical staff. The medicine industry is toning about training for general doctors, less professional doctor training Faculty of universities (except for a dental dentist, preventive medical doctor), specialists, often for institutes and hospitals to organize training are mainly.

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