Between The Daring: The ‘money’ Craft Falls On The Mountain

The pristine forests between the beautiful and majestic Tay Nguyen, are still widely bracelet, enough to raise all the parts of the people who are brushing with many different jobs. They have a stable life from quite special jobs. There are continuing professions from ancient traditions, new jobs are formed from the liveliestity to a liveliestain <: 00/5: 28 small namem namem people M'nong shouted cows to help the family raw into the rawness of fire, wind Straightly hot into the bodies of people who lemed on the hill or field, the buffalo, cow. They tried to pick up for it, how much. The special but daily earning job of the relatives and children in many communes in Dak Lak province

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Waste waste from the roads in the village, Krong Bong district, the group of closed clothes Step quickly follow the buffalo footprint. Ms. H'uyen (61 years old, Yang Reh commune) Lom lom lemed down the cow stool in the field of rice straw. Putting hands quickly with long sweat rolling on the tanned face, she spread: "The people here just looked forward to rice seeds. For more than a decade of this year, everyone has a career to pick up cows and income better. Everyone tries to take advantage of the time when it is sunny, the rainy season comes to the opportunity to make money will be out of the Kingdom. Previously, in a morning, I picked up 2-3 full. Now, people are cowed away from high hills, the same body as I don't have enough strength to look up in the field. Every day of hard work is full, selling 35-40 thousand dong. The whole trafficking in the dry season went to pick up the cow decisions
"Rent and pick up the stool to help people with more income every day, 5 people of H'Than family in Yang Reh commune early to the fields, Leo Up the hills and mountains follow a cow footprint to collect the stool. "Take a few places, there are many but bring it to hard. With the stool, the most fear of rain. Rain, feces are not quick, heavy and more smells, "she said. From this occupation, H'Nau's family has less difficult. After nearly 6 months of the dry season picked up, she had an income of nearly VND 35 million. This is a small amount of money for a deep farmer family. "In recent years, buffalo, consumed cows, so just bring goods to the owner to buy money immediately. At the beginning, many people were afraid but this profession lived and honest, "H'Thieu said. The throne straight into the nose. Ms. H'doan (65 years old, Yang Reh commune) Sitting the coupe on the stone between the hill island, laughs: "Today picked up near a bag, drying two sunshine sold. This profession is hard, but there are copper coins. " When asked how long she had intended to attach to this profession, she smiled, because she was attached to it for more than a five hours without remembering. She will pick it up until the legs cannot go with a break. Now she only wants like this, enough to make every day earns nearly 50 thousand lives of life. Expensive beef is reverse to Buon Don district, wind rattle, under the dazzling sun like scorching, those kids Young black paint area misplaced with cow stools. Ms. Buyn (10 years old) said that every day can be picked up more than half of the bag to sell more money to buy books. Asking the stool, I was tired, I was innocent: "I followed my parents to shout the grass, the corn was familiar, so I could pick up the health, but there was money" .em H'un and H'thin in the same group You go around the roads and fields to collect the stool. More than two days of sunbathing, they have a dry stool. H'thin credited: "Too sunshine, pick up a bit tired but assisted with your parents to buy food so I'm happy." H'un shared honestly: "I like it rain because few people go to pick up, I will pick up not to win each other." At the same time, the summer, they mistakenly misleading the sun picked up the same as the visitors to go to the fill. H'thin said: "Both trafficking, most of you go to pick up buffaloes about selling. Now the disease so what is difficult, making money is also harder ". Dried stools on the shoulder, H'thin, H'thun runs fast on the rugged red dirt road, moving to the middle house Blank land. "This is 35 thousand, this is more than 30 thousand ...", her husky voice bought the cow stool. Holding the amount after a hard working day, 2 children went to sing and hold their hands home. Through the ground 2 to the ground, Ms. Nguyen Thi advised (5 years of buying cow fertilizer) said: "The relatives here are born with a craft to pick up a cow. In recent years, the owners of coffee garden, rubber regressed to buy cow fertilizer for fertilizing should be valuable, 35 thousand / bag range 15-20 kg ". According to Mr. Y 'Quyong (Buon Don district), no Know in the buffalo, dry cows are necessary for the industrial plant. Every year, people around the area picked up a long season for a 6-month dry season, so that they are not enough to sell them. A sunny noon as scorching, in the district of Ea soup, many people go to blanket Lease lunch break under a shady tree. "Here, many families have lived by rented blankets and increasing by sub-profession to pick up stools about selling money. One year of bulls laying 5 children, the shepherd was 2 children, there was money from the dry manure, so the income was fine, "said H'Phun

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