‘beyond, Business Roads’: How Do Businesses Businesses Covid-19?

The new book of the Chairman of the Gospel Group has just been released on November 25, is a strong source of motivation to help you to start your young people. Minh Minh is known to be an successful entrepreneur, leading the blessing Company No. 1 in Ho Chi Minh City's Import and Export. There is growing like today. The first-hand book "Unlimited creative in business" is a dispersal to share experiences in the market of "King Ho Pepper"

. British's second publication is "surpassed, the" newly released business roads, also considered a strong inspirational book to read during the episodes. The book was released in the last period of time Five years, when Covid-19 pandemic was and was a challenge with the economy. At the present time, many businesses start business recovery
The experiences and views of Phan Minh Thong somewhat help many people find a positive direction for themselves. New products are careful records of Phan Minh through 4 years. The book records observations, trips to meet people and exposure to new lands in his journey to do their business. In the words of the book, he shared: "The times heard one Good story, inspiring inspiration, or from experiences with success, failure, I will often rewrite. I often write a story about a story, an event, a certain moment. But sometimes I think, why don't you essentially and in addition to the characters, when life is inherently Is a big story with lots of different characters. And a story if there are characters and circumstances will be more interesting, as well as a longer life like the life of life. Moreover, as a story written and released, it has More independent life is the article "..
That's why the new book is a 30 short story, each story is many different characters, different contexts, different situations. In the meeting Newspaper, the author also shared, the book was written largely in the difficult period of Covid-19 translation. Those are at a lot of helplessness, sadness but still a lot of happiness, helping us to see back Many things in life. A series of short stories "broken wings", "Covid-diet", "Covid business paintings" ... is the recreation of observations and evaluation of Phan Minh Information about people, in the form of business in accordance with the epidemic situation. The character and the circumstances of the short story make the reader to dream and draw many new things. Very many business lessons have been The author reveals through impressive short stories. "Escape" trick "in gangs" is alert to not fall into the million dollar trap, "I go ... the debt collection" is a witty story to recover capital. The characters in short stories are built by conversation, interesting circumstances make gentle, simple words that are also very deep. In the event of books, Phan Minh Thong also expresses joy when Get 5000 pre-order plates (order before releasing books) with a lot of readers' feedback. The compliment helps the author with more motivation to improve their work. He also expressed that his work would be the source of inspiration to help many people "overcome" difficulties in business and life.Phan Minh Thong true shared that, the profession writes with him is only "left hand job "," Write to relieve "but he is always looking for new writing and watching writing is a real job. 30 short stories of the enthusiasm are repaired many times, creative in the way of writing, the new language makes the publication a lot of expectations. Doing business to create a private private character, its own personality and the meaning of short stories is completely because you read and mix. Observing how to help life stories, people, business stories are nature. "If the book sells 10,000 copies, I will translate and publish books to other countries around the world," said Phan Minh Thong. "Beyond, the business child paths" include more than 200 pages of books, since Pink German Publishing House in combination with BizBooks company released is one of the new power transmission publications you should read during the disease season still continuing. Chua Tran

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