Bi Comedy Couple ‘changing Wind’ To Give Birth To ‘tiger’ In Early 2022

Find new space, away from the familiar bedroom to have moments of sublimation, many couples encounter situations cry cuoi.0: 00/3: NamThoi domain 02Nu recently Dung Thanh see her husband suddenly lazy "pay all" for his wife. His job is not too busy lately, health is normal, he is not what sick coal. Lately, Qing also reduce some weight, everyone complimented her slender, beautiful young. Supposed, her husband must love his wife more than is true, why do you seem "boring rice" that nay

.May sister company colleagues sidebar tipped her way. The couple were married for 5, 6 years, sometimes bored is normal. Before her husband "noodle cravings" wife must quickly over
Thanh invite colleagues advised her husband to "unwind", agreed to meet the hotel to change the atmosphere is also a sense hay.Tu stops and take your partner to the hotel, originally Qing also saw a bit shy, but when she speak with Dung, he was very excited. Then the couple went the hotel only. Change the space, right location to be effective, the couple excited, passionate as new in cuoi.Thay exchange space, places for sex sublimation than (illustration) Now go on, by heaven quite sunny, so bar to stand in a tree near the hotel waiting for her husband to get the car. Who knew where her mother ran to her husband. Although she was masked, wearing sunglasses, but because the dress and used bags should she still receive adultery ra.Tuong daughter, she makes a fuss. Fortunately Dung ran stopped him, if not ADD ate few slap chong.Vo heaven mother and An Mien husband fell into a sorrowful other circumstances
They just married, this is the first time a business trip An after they married. Wants to surprise her husband watches husband going on, Cambodian beautiful makeup, wearing pajamas trimmed goi.Dung An unexpected truth. Because own life, so they grab the sofa bed in the living room as always. See hot wife, could not help myself and forget An cua.Dung closing time is highly inspired the couple, the husband's mother Mien appear. The couple was a phen blushed purple ears. A few days later, visiting parents, Cambodia still seemed shy with his mother Ha and Tung chong.Hai couple wanted a baby in early 2022 to merge old with parents. That day is the day of ovulation Ha, two people must "act of" to correct it if it is to catch today, "tiger" in the middle of next year. But bad luck that day how many people have relatives in the countryside to the doctor, have enough room to sleep cho.The transplantation is the couple fought the nearby motels. Several motels rooms to clean somehow that day were out of rooms. Ha and Tung had to choose an affordable guesthouses, by tomorrow morning to go to work longer, far too well ngai.Kho go areas and some are ill clean. He criticized the bathroom all dirty, the pillow not complain because clean sheets. He insisted on staff to change sheets new pillow. But staff did not clean finish rather than before how. Well, because the welcome "tiger" so resigned nhan.Nhung where everything has yet to stay at home where it happens a jealous attack. This time turn Ha distracted by Hong Mai galaxy story. Jealous attack was quelled, the air conditioning broken. Overheating, the couple had pulled together about. Life planning "tiger" but to leave to the next month. "Winds of Change" just a great way for couples to find something new in sex, but around about "unwind", seems also to have sex laugh out loud situations mat.Ngoc HuyenTheo

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