Bi-lived Life Of ‘queen Tears’ Save Flowers

Beauty Movie Quynh Dao - Save flowers with betrayal lovers, miscarriage and loss of motherhood, her husband loves to die from falling from the balcony to the ground. Tuyet flowers are Hong Kong artists . However, she was famous for many Taiwanese films and was extremely loved by Quynh Dao. She consecutively in the films of the Taiwanese female writer like: Xom Thang, a few degrees of Chairmen Pink, the Ly Bong River, Tuyet Kha, three flowers, dumb wife .

.. Snow-saving actress Flowers. The roles of Save Flower Save There are very fateful fate
She often appeared on television with tears. Therefore, the audience gave her the title of "Queen of Tears". The role seems to go to the life of Save flowers. In addition to real life, the actress also experienced two bitter, tragic and watery affairs as in Quynh Dao's novel. Tuyet flowers are familiar with Taiwan Luu Khai in 1991. At that time, they closed General in love movies in the wind. This love has pushed Save flowers and criticism of public opinion. Because the time they reached together, Luu Duc Khai was still in the marriage with another woman. Although two people do not live together, they have a marriage contract to help actors have American nationality. Save flowers and Luu Duc Khai
Very criticism of public opinion, Save flowers still love Luu Khai Xi passionate about. In 1997, she was pregnant. Luu Duc Khai then filming in France. The actor promised to hold a ceremony after the film was completed. But, only in a short time filming away from home, Luu Duc Khai had to have a French girl. In the countryside, Save flowers, don't know, stay alone to prepare a wedding. The actress fell in the bathroom and was miscarried. More painful, to keep the life, save the flower snow must cut the uterus. Ms. permanently lost his ability to be maternal .No recovered after losing children, saving the flower snow also received another shock. Liu Khai held a wedding with a young girlfriend. Movie star is absent from finding suicidal wine, even intended to commit suicide. Save flowers and bitter life. After a painful, saving flower snow encountered the man of his life, it is Doi Con - Drama of Bao Thanh Thien Movie 1993. The actress also participates in acting in part of this famous movie throughout Asia. Selecting a very beautiful day with many numbers 9, symbolizing eternal to propose to save flowers. Before the ring cages into his girlfriend's hand, the scenario was given flowers and read a romantic poem. Saving flowers flowers cried in happiness. Save flowers once proud to be shared with the most fortunately the life of her life. The actress said: "He loves me. The family only two people but very bustling, bustling. Sometimes I feel like his daughter". Save flowers also actively reduces workloads. Every year spends three, four months to completely rest, the husband enjoys the happy days together. Save flowers happy with her husband. The only thing makes the actress regret is that she cannot give birth to one Son for her husband. Save flowers to blame yourself: "I like children, but I can never become my mother. Maybe in the past I don't keep the kid carefully so now he punish me." Life of Save flowers flowers passed peacefully like that. However, in 2011, a terrible tragedy descended on her. The husband that loses the floral snow very ink loves to die to fell from the balcony down. Too unexpected and cruel death of the torsuit to save flowers in terrible doubts. Many rumors believe that the writer of Bao Thanh Thien is tired of illness and controversy with his wife should seek to free himself. Some people also say lucky snowflowers because of making insurance money from her husband's death and wanted to resume the ancient love with the old people. The flower snowfalls denied all these suicide rumels. The actress said: "I went to sleep that day, I went to sleep at 23:00, I woke up. At that time, I didn't see him in the room. I called his mobile number without lifting the phone. Then I See the opening room window, flight curtains, in the heart of insecurity. I quickly call you to help find your husband, finally ... ". The police also announced the conclusion of the death of the script of Dang Nung is an accident. However, Save flowers of flowers still can't find peace. She always finished because the outbreak was too sudden and painful of her husband. Save flowers is the introduction of Pham Bang Bang with Quynh Dao. On the past 20 September, Save flowers to share the current life of me. The actress said, the past 10 years she lives in Shanghai, very lonely. Sometimes reading news, she saw there are older people who use a room for strangers, do not take the rent. The actress also wants to try but not daring to worry about the safety of herself. However, Save flowers to reassure the fans that, she is okay. Experiencing how much grief, actress said, she still believes in love,

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