Bill Gates Appeared At Billionaire Summer Camp

For the first time after the divorce in May, the founder of Microsoft attended the conference for the investment gender.0: 00/1: 36 NAMTHEO BUSINESS INSIDER, Bill Gates was present at the annual event for Top American technology leaders, media and sports, taking place on July 8, at Sun Valley Resort, Idaho State (USA) .Bill Gates regularly attend this "billionaire summer camp", But his appearance on July 8 was more special than previous years. This is the first time since the divorce of divorce with Melinda French Gates, Bill is publicly available at a conference. The reporter captures Bill Gates (White Pants) with CEO Evan Greenberg of Chubb Limited to enter the area conference

. Photo: Getty Images.Au divorce in May, appearing a series of information that is not good around the Microsoft founder. Some newspapers revealed Bill Gates's former scandals, he was an elementary and bullying person at work
According to WSJ, in 2019, Microsoft Board of Directors requested a survey Forcing Bill Gates every adultery with an employee of its company.Gates was not completely silent since divorce. Two weeks after publicizing the "everyone's way" with Melinda, he appeared at an online event, still wearing a wedding ring but did not mention noisy around.Jeff Bezos, a "he The boss "Other of Silicon Valley, also attended the event on April 8 with his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez. Reporters asked Bezos about the unexpected universe trip, but the founder of Amazon did not answer. At the same time, the billionaires rushed to Sun Valley to attend the Conference invested by Allen Investment Bank

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