Billionaire Narayana Murthy With The Motto Of ‘headed Minds’

Narayana Murthy is the founder of Infosys. He is considered the father of the Indian Information Technology field, with a net asset USD 1.9 billion. Currently, he acts as an honorary chairman of Infosys. Some services provided by the company include business consulting services, technology, engineering and services and services of outsourcing

.Narayana Murthy.Narayana Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy Born in Sidlaghatta, Kolar Prefecture in Mysore , Mysore Kingdom (now Karnataka). He belongs to a poor family and his father is a high school teacher
But even when so, he is still one of the brightest students (with no training classes) and often helps his friends in learning. From the first days, he Dreamed to pursue the Indian Institute of Technology Engineers. In the first attempt, he participated in the test and achieved a high score. After that, he started working for the Indian Management Academy (Ahmedabad) as his chief programming program and his mission included working on India's first time-sharing computer system . He has also designed and deployed a Basic interpreter for India Electronics Co., Ltd. (ECIL). In the early 1970s, he began to start his first business - Softronics, a private company. Software problems. This was also the time he dated Sudha's wife and intended to go to marriage to her
Her father gave the condition that he had to have a stable job if they wanted to be blessed, but Narayana was determined with his freedom will. After about a year and a half, the company collapsed in a way Sadly and they were forced to close the door. Due to this event, he has no choice but to receive a job that has joined Patni Computer Systems in Pune as the General Director. Since then, he has a satisfaction job My coming wife, before joining the company, he was certainly married to Sudha. This is also because he will go to training in the US and want to complete the previous holiday. And with the appearance of the lucky woman of his life, in just a short time, he started walking on the road successfully! So when he was in Patni, he was once again felt the wrongness Push back to the business. He is very passionate to create good quality software, but the problem is that he has no money ... but his wife can see that pain. Therefore, she decided to help her husband. She gave him a break for three years and asked him not to worry about the house, she would take care of all the financial needs. She also gave him 10,000 rupees to save. Such arrangements, on a morning of January 1981, he met six friends software engineers in his apartment to discuss how they could become Prepare a company to write software code.Narayana Murthy: Business must be moral. Then he also decided to quit his job in Patni and embark on his new project. And after six months of rapid preparation, Infosys was registered on July 2, 1981. Then it is called private consulting limited company. The company was co-founded by Narayan Murthy, Nandan Nilekani, NS Raghavan, S. Gopalakrishnan, SD Shibulal, K. Dinesh and Ashok Arora. In 1982, they moved together to Pune and bought a small house in the form of debt . Although the company's registered office is at home NS Raghavan in Dadar, Mumbai, but the front room of Narayana's house has been used as their office. All six of them will operate since then , And Sudha will be the secretary and stove of their programmer. She also received a job at the Walchand Industry Group as a senior system analyst to support families. In the late 80s, Infosys has been jointly with Kurt Salmon Associates, a head company Fairy of this type for them. Gopalakrishnan is a face that represents this joint venture in the US. But due to unfortunate and unclear events, this joint venture has collapsed for a very short period of time (in 1989) since its establishment. This has left a large deep hole in the company. The company is on the verge of collapsing, and with a worse perspective, one of their founders - Ashok Arora, has reselled its shares (unlisted company) for partners and move out. Extremely bad situations happen to them, none of them have clues about what to do, how to continue. But Narayana's confidence and courage helped them overcome the challenge of the year to tell all partners that if they want to leave, they can completely decide, and that he will buy it again Both shares from them. But he will continue to maintain the company's operations. However, other partners decided to stay. So they decided to unite and face challenges. To get started, they divided all tasks. Narayana always keeps an eye on talent and has a labor force, so it has been managed by the job. Nandan was ye

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