Billionaire Ranked 2nd World Bezos Sued Us Government

Jeff Bezos is suing the US government for giving the moon explorer contract to the opponent of the spacex of the billionaire Elon Musk. Nguy Phu Bezos sues the US government because of the $ 2.9 billion contract. AFP on August 17 reported that Blue Origin Company of Billionaire Jeff Bezos was suing the US government for giving a moon explorer contract to the opponent's spacex of billionaire Elon Musk. Contract of a human landing system (HLS) worth 2

.9 billion USD is awarded to SPACEX in April 4. Since losing the contract, Blue Origin has complained about the US Government Liability Office but the agency This in July maintains NASA's decision. The contractor is protested by many other contractors because the US Aviation and Universe Agency (NASA) must be broken down into many packages, and assums that the evaluation process is not Fair
According to the Artemis program, NASA plans to bring people back to the moon in the next few years and builds the moon orbit station, before bringing people to Mars in the decade of 2030. SPACEX company of Billionaire Musk established In 2002, Nasa.NASA's leading private partner was considering the lawsuit of Blue Origin. "For partners, we will go to the moon and stay for scientific research, develop new technologies and create high income jobs and prepare to bring astronauts to Mars", according to statements. Billionaire Bezos is currently the world's second richer with the 187.1 billion USD property, and the Billionaire Musk ranks 3rd with 178.5 billion USD. Top is Bernard Arnault billionaire and family with 196.7 billion USD.

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