Billionaire Self Surpasses Her Long-standing Tycers In Korea

A new class entrepreneur is dominating the rankings of wealth in Korea, far surpassing the giant family corporations with a decade-year-old age - which is called 'chaeebol'.0: 00/2: 52 NAM NAM ANY RICS RICE BRANS BRANCH. Photo: Kedglobalong Brian Kim, founder of Kakao Corp mobile messaging application, with net asset value of 12.9 billion USD, is evidence for this change. He replaced Mr

. Jay Y. Lee, the inheritance of Samsung Group, to become the richest Korean. This change marks the economy of 1
6 trillion US dollars in the era New growth, becoming less dependent on family corporations has a great influence in every aspect of life. "This is a positive change for Korea," Professor Kim Kyonghwan in Dai Learn Sungkyunkwan reviews. "The appearance of the rich class will be a good news for young people because it shows them that wealth can be created independently instead of inheritance." For decades Before, Chaebol played a role as the pillar of Asian "Magic economy" after Lien Tuan stopped. Korean political leaders have relied on corporations including Hyundai, Samsung, LG and Hanjin to rebuild the country, thereby increasing the impact on these corporations. Over the years, some of these large corporations become the focus of attention because the scandals and corruption causes international stirring, causing a violent reaction from the public and the politicians. Korea is gradually giving way to start-up companies. Increasing demand in pandemic on areas such as e-commerce, entertainment and biotechnology, investors are pouring billions dollars for capital calls, IPO and acquiring startup companies. The Korean government data shows that venture capital in this country reaches 3.07 trillion won (2
7 billion USD) in the first half of this year, a record high for a period of 6 months. The number of experts has commented on this transformation and assumes that new people are more aware of inequality in the Korean society and so are willing to devote more to society. Other, also Comments that whether there are any differences between new and old generation billionaires, are those who build their empires through close relationships with politicians and officials, or not. The emerging billionaire tends to participate in more charity activities, such as Kakao's Brian Kim and Kim Bong-Jin, founder of Wuwa Brothers Corp. food delivery application. They are people who are committed to donating personal property. This contrasts with families behind Chaebol, who often do not have a large personal contribution to charity activities that often do charity through the companies they control. As a huge generation change in the rich population in Korea, Mr. Lim Jung Wook, a manager of TBT Venture Investment Company based in Seoul, said. Learn Sungkyunkwan also commented, "Never have startup companies have the opportunity to grow as big as now. We will see these new billionaires gradually surpassing their rich traditional lines ".gia Han

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