Billionaire Tomas Gorny: The Business Thought Of The Leader Decided Everything

In order to obtain millions of dollars like today, Tomas Gorny experienced a journey of hardship. From poor childhood in Poland, he migrated to the United States at 20 years old. Participating in a successful start-up project, Gorny has earned millions of dollars, so that then loses all and must start again from the number of data: 00/3: 40 men leads from their children The zero is very young, Gorny always wants to run a company built by himself. At the age of 17, he opened a computer distribution service in Europe and when moving to the US, Gorny worked for a web hosting company with Internet Communications as a founding member.Tomas Gorny

.In the moment at this company, Gorny said, he had to do a lot of part-time jobs to make money for car rental and rent. However, only two years later, Internet Communications was acquired by the public company Interliant, helping Gorny earn a huge amount and became a millionaire when only 22 years old.When had money, Gorny started Invest in other companies to increase value
The unexpected thing is that the collapse of Internet companies (dotcom event) in 2000, followed by the terrorist to take place on September 11, 2001 consumed nearly the number of assets he earned. Finally, Gorny only had a car and less than $ 10,000 in the bank account. His wife also began to do a hourly job to cover living expenses.Gonry was still passionate about techniques and had a lot of experience in the field of web-hosting. This is the foundation for him to start a new start-up with Namewower towards small businesses at the end of 2011. Because focusing on providing cheap and easy service when running websites so iPower quickly developed . Up to 2007, iPower became one of the largest web-hosting services companies in the US and merged with Endurance International. After 4 years, Endurance International is sold to Warburg Pincus and Goldman Sachs for nearly 1 billion USD. Gorny became one of the largest individual shareholders at that time. Currently, Gorny became a successful and rich man
He opened 3 companies since endurance sold, including Nextiva, United Wed (garden "nursery" for Startups) and Stite Lock (Web security service provider). All three businesses are run by Gorny and absolutely do not have any other unexpected investors.Tomas Gorny: The success of a real business is in the value it brings. Edge from the story Tomas Gorny's Public: Let's be happy to be underestimated to start a business career from a young age and have a severe voice of Eastern Europe, making him not particularly respected. He shared that doing business with his advantage and you can fully prove to others see your abilities. "When underestimated, you have a lot of advantages and somehow, they will be the source of strength for you to use as a lever." Working with matching people when operating a business, you have Too many things have to be bothered. So, don't waste time to be stressed by people you don't like. "I only face stress in your business" and don't want to be distracted by unreasonable relationships. The best investment is to invest yourself through large failures when investing in businesses Other Start-ups in 2000, Gorny said he almost became a "conservative" person when investing in other assets. Instead, he spent a lot of time to find ways to invest itself. That's why the present, without any of your company with capital contribution of other investors. To get successes like today, Gorny has faced a lot of failure. And he believed, failed to teach him the most lessons, which was why he was never happy because of the victory too long. "You can look back and analyze to not repeat the mistake. This is much easier than that of successful dissection and finding out what points need to improve."

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