Bim Bim Phoenix Chanel Carrying Children Still Dressed In Stylish, Short Skirt Showing Off ‘extreme’ Sky

Where to eat cumbersome, Phoenix Chanel kept a simple dress with a beautiful shirt with a beautiful enough shimmering.0: 00/1: 26 nunra of the street is a female giant and power, but when going home, phoenix Chanel is still the mother of 3 lovely princess sub-. Although irregularly posting idyllic looks like many people, Thanh Hoa's original entrepreneur still impresses the public through posts sharing about the kids on the personal page. New, Phuong Chanel Clean up the network when uploading the image to hold the youngest girl - the child with Quach Ngoc Ngoan walk around the villa area. Besides the curiosity of the people for daughters, female giants "reap" about unremitted praise for the youthful chromatography with gout to attract the eyes

. Use the Heart Icon Sumi. Even so, it is not difficult for people to see a sub-princess nearly 2 years of age taken carefully by her mother. Not only the two lovely beam hair tiles, Sumi Thanh Nha is also a beautiful dot skirt
However, the most attention in the photos that the old love is shared is probably the Style Mother Bim Super young Middle and dynamic she applied. It must be a long time, the new female gosseming is to be satisfied with a simple fashion combos that "aulates" that. Simple. Simple black set but not boring by 3-head mothers and Mix Match with hip bag and pointed high heels.

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