Birth Of Children Is 20 Days, His Wife Cries, Only Thinking About Divorce Because Of The Scary Action Of The Husband

After the hard birth of the wife, this husband seems to only consider in money, material without caring about his wife.0: 00/4: 27 Southwives with women, after birth I am the time when they are weak, sensitive both in mental and physical. At this point, they only want to be interested in husband, sharing and understanding with their difficulties and hardships. However, it is not that the man can do it for 20 days, his wife cries, only thinking about divorce because of the scary action of the husband here, on a fairly attractive group Crowded users, a named MM user confided its marriage story. It was known that when she was married, she thought I was lucky to marry a good husband

. However, when she gets married, she feels shocked by her husband that she loves is a stingy man, dull and heartless. (Artwork) Since pregnant coming after giving birth , this wife is constantly scolded by her husband, lead excelled because of whatever she does. From losing the phone, or the fact that this wife hired after birth service, taking care of children
.. She couldn't make a husband. The hearing hearing her husband, the extraction lead causing this wife to fall into depression and only thinking about divorce. "That day, when I'm married I thought myself luck because there was a good husband. No r. Tea, always fast with your wife. When I got 7 months, just because I lost the phone that he had attracted me enough, saying it again and again, then my past hooked up, Let's tell many others. Italy. I can't
I can't stop crying in the toilet. Every week of crying. Going to the day of birth, shallowly quickly, mandatory Must surgery for you. Just thought that her husband will be hard to take care of his wife, but no day, he also scolded the Extraction Lead Mine I fired up to take care of her. Actually a few days after surgery I am very tired, just want to rest but husband So I suggested that I slept like a pig, lazy ... I was really very happy. I used more mother and baby care at home, at the beginning of the British for her mother to be strong after birth, a few days later Go out to say that V Burns do not know economic calculations do a lot of money. He said to talk back many times, really tired.20 days after birth, I also tried to clean up with her husband, washing clothes for children, taking care of her children. But her husband always critices I'm clumsy don't know what to do. Mix your children, I warmed up, but my husband to get so cold water, breastfeeding to let milk into my shirt, scolded me stupidly dumb.Sinh finished 20 days when my head just thought of trying to go Do then divorce. Fear when living with the husband only leads. Knowing that epidemic has no income but clearly all living expenses or tastes are of my parents' dance for wedding. But it's like I'm eating. Now thinking about the time I cried again. What do I have to do? "The lines of users who immediately attracted a lot of attention to the online community. Many users have expressed sympathy, sharing with this wife's situation. In fact, after birth is the most weak and sensitive woman. When not interested in husband, sharing, the more of them will think of the end of this marriage here. (Photo taken The screen) "Who is the right. Feeding children is hard hard. This wife also felt like she was not interested in not being interested in her husband, shares, "Linh Anh users wrote." Very sympathetic with me, reading and falling tears ", User Kim Khanh.After birth, husband What should I do to help my wife? Cooking for your wife every day You don't need to take care of the kitchen completely but try to cook her some delicious dishes to wife can quickly restore health. You can cook Breakfast or cook dinner for your wife. This depends on your timetable. Remember that women should be provided with full nutrition such as protein, vitamins and drink enough water.Massage for husbands should create Conditions with wives go massage or massage their wives at home, depending on conditions. By holding a baby all day after birth is not easy with women at all. You should express sympathy and psychology More with her, she will definitely appreciate a lot. Help his wife take care of the baby to help his wife after birth, husbands should also take care of their babies. You can completely do the jobs like: picky Strolling, feeding your baby at midnight (flasks or breastfeeding), coaxing baby crying, changing diapers, bathing for babies ... Encourage her to go out to interact with friends This is not what husband can do. Many women after birth are busy with baby care but almost forgot to lose themselves, all day care only in the house to clean up, cook and carry their children. This is also the cause of postpartum depression in many women. You should encourage my wife to exchange, meet friends to help her relieve stress, feel comfortable, softer.

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