Bitcoin’s Fluctuation Will Make Investors Return To Gold

Executive President of the Golden Mining Company Evolution Mining said the strong fluctuations of electronic money will eventually motivate Bitcoin investors to return to gold.0: 00/2: 15 Southern region fluctuations Bitcoin will make investors return to gold. Photo: Internet. President Evolution Mining Jake Klein said Bitcoin still has a "long-distance path" before it shows the safety and sustainability that gold has proven to investors over the past 70 years. Mr

. Klein said: "I think the volatility in the electronic money market will eventually motivate investors to return to gold." Gold price has decreased last week, and analysts think they have It will also be reduced. Director Fund speculative David Nehauser said earlier this week that the reduced gold price was a "big buying opportunity" for current investors
However, Mr. Klein said both can coexist - gold no Many impacts on Bitcoin and it can completely "stand by" with this digital currency. However, this contrasts with Bitcoin will cause a threat to gold. Investors are always optimistic to consider bitcoin like digital gold and are fences against inflation, hope electronic money will Increasing price over time. American investor Tyler Winklevoss, who founded Winklevoss Capital Management as well as Gemini electronic money trading floor, said last year that "Bitcoin is gold 2.0" and it will soon replace gold Meanwhile, the billionaire investor Kevin O'Leary said in April that "Bitcoin will always be gold, while Ethereum will always be silver." However, there are many other investors not agree with These opinions. Director of Ray Dalio Protection Fund, although owning a bitcoin is not revealed, said earlier this month: "If you put the gun at my head and you ask, I can only have one What, I will definitely choose gold ".bitcoin has reached the $ 48,000 value over the weekend - the highest level since May. However, taking into account Thursday night Asia, it was only assigned Translate with nearly $ 46,000, according to COINDESK data
Suddenly increased by the weekend following the sale in June and July, when Bitcoin dropped to below US $ 30,000. Gold price also fluctuated between increasing and hole in this year. From over $ 1,900 in January, the price dropped to more than 1,700 USD in March. In June, the gold price surged to nearly 1,900 USD again, before cutting the increase to trade over 1,700 USD In August. According to Tran Vo / / CNBC

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