Bitter Experience And A Special Retaliation Plan Of A Husband With An Adultery Wife

He saw countless messages back and forth between his wife and guy with his hometown. They mocked his shortcomings. They have sexually have sex and the other guy also compliments the sensitive zone of his wife. The writing is shared in the Magazine of Elitedaily of the husband "horned" causing many readers to be stunned. A happy marriage when the family economy is quite fake, her husband is healthy and has the life of the pillow with two a boy a girl obediently obediently

. Although the work is busy but he still tries to work Go soon, help my wife work and care her. However, he saw his wife or messaging with a certain "girlfriend". One day, he knew the identity of the "girlfriend" when he accidentally saw his facebook message when charging the battery for the old iPad to let his son play
Those are the messages between her and a guy with the countryside, called abbreviated JBC. Read countless messages between his wife and JBC, he saw them mocking his shortcomings and sex messaging together. Continuing to watch the wife's messages, he knew they had sex and the JBC also complimented his wife's sensitive zone. His wife will have to move out of the house, only visiting the child at the end of the week, not to be temporarily with the children during the waiting for the divorce is completed. Half wives, and registered to transfer wages to a new bank. He closed the investment account and a half with cash for his wife and the other half moved to his new account. Finally, he printed his wife's message, about 75 pages and then came to the hotel where his wife was farted to give her. He turned off the phone. A week later, he agreed to talk to his wife. She apologized, kneeling her knees, collapsed into his lap, looking forward to a chance to heal but he couldn't forgive her
Before the court gave a judgment, he sought the agreement of their children . He deliberately so that the big son discovered his father looking on Google the information like "How to overcome the adultery wife". The daughter came to him and cried. He said he should not know this, that his mother had a mistake but still loved me and he would always be with me. Children grow up. After 2 years, he still lived crib in that house. Every weekend, the ex-wife came to pick the children to go out, he had a happy time to dating online. In his eyes, he was like a saint, always dedicated to care and was at the time they needed. In the ex-wife's eyes, he was a desire to be worthy and she was willing to dedicate sex whenever he wanted by still hoping that someday couple returned. But that will never happen. Simple to keep the happiness marriage maintains affection with distractions that can only venge with sincere feelings. So, thanks to love, there are feelings with each other can bring happiness to each other. Each person needs to pay attention to each other, sometimes expressing loving gestures, romantic a bit so that the opponent feels sincerity in it ... This is one of the factors to preserve family happiness Always be sustainable. On the real life today, there are many couples because of making money to make money or busy with children and forget the obligation to take care of each other. They forgot to give the other half of loving gestures, cuddling ... This makes the marriage life gradually go into boring more. You need to occasionally reorganize my husband and wife feelings, so romantic moments, separate spaces have only two people together ... This is one of the secrets to keep happiness in the family, making love The couple's feeling is more stable. The game of every happy couple finds the role to make them comfortable. Some like the traditional nuclear family model, a housewife, take care of children, the rest of the finance. Some other couples will horrify before that idea and create a more equal style. How well, as long as the two sides agree and see comfort. The illustration of the couple never quarrel or they always try to repress it to avoid possible conflicts. Farewell will rarely happen. If couples are often discontented, the couple you are moving to divorce. So you should find ways to make your husband and wife's argument change in a positive direction and more effectively. Weight and sexual style Some happy couples with less sex. Some agree that sex every morning is great start. They share the satisfaction and decide how to suit both. For some people, sex with anyone other than his husband and wife is dark. For some others, the spouse can have sex

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