Bitter Salt Season

Less than 1,000 VND / kg of salt, salt-making people in Binh Dinh are facing losses. On the white salt copper, the sweat of citrogen mixed with choking tears small down the water. Which country is bitter.0: 00/6: 14Nam Southern salt, a worn of fragrant leaves are not enough to reduce the sunny summer sun burns, Mr. Tanh (57 years old, Cat Khanh commune, Phu Cat district, Binh Dinh province) patted his skinny hands with sunshine on the back

. His many years of back pain affected significantly to scratching salt but he still tried. "The people of people are in salt, the career's career of the Apostle is given a lot of life. Time to do it, afraid of not transmitting the next life because the salt price is too low
Selling a salt sign does not buy the package of shrimp noodles. Who misses it anymore, "he glanced around him, many other citizens were also buried themselves in the white color of the salt between the fire and the blue sky. Small sweat on salt copper. At the beginning of the afternoon, under the sun like pouring fire, the saltmen radiated the salt copper, the scratcher, who was turned on for harvesting salt. I was born on salt. had to get up. At noon is a rest time, they are in Dong with rushed meals, hunger fighting for heavy work. The person who carries the rice cakes, the cake, a few bananas ..
Eat fast among the burnt sunrise to keep up with work. During meals, food is only a few salty fish in a hurry, the soup pot is water. It is so hard to work, but every year's edema is still clinging to the salt fields for a living, people who have nearly 40 years with the job saying: "Hundreds of surgery but not how much income, profession This only plows into sunny days, to rainy day hires hiring another job to live. Hardly, there are still people who have stooped with salt careers for tens of years. But, the selling salt now is not, the price is low, only 800 VND / kg but also few people come to buy so the salt-making people are more and more. "From January to date, due to sunshine, many sap in Phu Cat districts, Phu My (Binh Dinh) enlisted its salt water into salt fields, tons of salt made no one to buy. Not only salt made in the traditional way, drying on a new mud land that even salts are produced on the model with canvas technology also subject to the same situation. Fivalts sitting sitting uneasy because harvested salt production has increased but the purchasing power decreases. Salt is piled up on the fields without seeing the trader to ask. This is the favorable weather point, salt can make salt better. But many people still stick to the craft. Sweating with salty taste of salt on the face, Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan sad sincerly: "While gasoline, oil, shipping fees are raised, separately the price of salt is low, heavy losses, not enough cost paid Rent of salting workers. Making salt too hard that sells low prices, so it is difficult, so it is difficult, "the difference in the statistics in Binh Dinh province, there are 2 Phu My and Phu Cat districts with salt production with a total area of more than 132 ha, of which more than 70 Ha produces traditional salt, 51 ha of spanning salts and 11 ha of industrial salt production. Compared to the same period last year, salt production area in Binh Dinh province fell more than 20 hectares. In which Phu My district fell 19.58 ha and Phu Cat district decreased by 2.2 ha. As in Cat Minh commune, 65 ha. Salt prices are sold to low markets, high investment costs, the production of salt is ineffective, so some people are abandoned. The salt is very extreme, to bring salt to produce and salt. Steps to prepare very elaborately with soil improvements, dredging, mud drying, robbing fields. A salt crop people takes 1-2 months to prepare. According to many citizens, to produce white salt, people have to invest around VND 60 million / 1,000 m2 to linen canvas, not to include gasoline costs of saltwater pumps into the field, hiring workers as shore, flattening Fields ... and until harvesting, there must be hiring to scratch workers, carrying salt for VND 5,000 / burden of 30 kg. But, the fact is that with the method of production in traditional directions, salt seeds make poor quality, and impurities should be low, difficult to consume. Traditional salt price is 800 VND / kg, price Salt spreads 1,000 VND / kg. Currently, some places in Phu Cat district, salt prices have decreased to VND 500 to 600 VND / kg / kg, while premiums are highly transported, many salt fields are quite far from buying, so they don't have enough money to cover the cost. The sun beam causes salt seeds to make it not sold, most salts are heavy losses, many people have to hug debt because they have borrowed relatives and banks to invest in production. The salt fields gradually have no boys, they have left the quadruples of doing business, and the elderly are forced to go out because there is nothing else to do. With salt makers, both workers are also full of worries. Before the situation of salt to the slope, the land owners would not hire anymore, the salt was inventory, not selling it would be dry

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