Bitterness Because Australia Canceled By Australia, The French Minister Called Him A Mass Of America

Minister of European European issues Clement Beaune argued that France did not withdraw the ambassador from London because he said that the UK was 'Under-level partner' accepted to be a 'vassal' of the US. Joe Biden announced the establishment of a new alliance with Australia and England, facilitating building a fleet of at least 8 nuclear energy submarines for Australia. The pursuit of a new submarine forced Australia to tear the Dharma's contract. How does France not withdraw the Ambassador from England? France responds to cancel the contract by summoning their ambassadors from Australia and the US , this is an extremely rare diplomatic move between allies. Particularly, the French Ambassador in the UK has not been withdrawn and this shows that the French still cautiously in diplomacy with neighbors

. However, that doesn't mean that France is not angry with him. Even if France does not do so it is explained by Emmanuel Macron's government in a way to despise him. Minister of European European issues Clement Beaune argued that France did not withdraw the Ambassador from London because the United Kingdom was a "subordinate partner" accepted to be the "vassals" of the US
Before the Minister Clement Beaune also threatened to Australia when it argued that the controversy could even make free trade negotiations between Australia and the European Union. But the leading diplomat of the European Union, Josep Borrell, seemed to have rejected that idea in a press conference this weekend, saying that the EU still pledged to build relationships with Australia. When punching France's angry attitude, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on French President Macron should not be "worried" about the military alliance that he was founded with the US and Australia. On September 19, the British Prime Minister affirmed that Mr.-Dharma relations are "unshakable". At the same time, Mr. Johnson claimed he and France had a "very friendly relationship", which he described as "great importance". "Our affection for France is unable to bury ", He told reporters on a flight to New York to join the United Nations General Assembly." Aukus doesn't mean a total equal to 0 (someone who is lost), it doesn't mean Exclude (France). It is not something anyone has to worry and especially not our French friends
"Mr. Liz Truss went to New York with Mr. Johnson when both prepared to meet the US President Joe Biden in Washington on 21.9BA truss has launched a negotiated Aukus agreement, which is considered a measure against the increase in the decision of the Chinese military in the region, in an article for Sunday Telegraph. Mrs. Truss said he would always be a "fierce champion" about freedom and free trade worldwide. "It shows our availability in protecting its interests and challenges Unlimited behaviors and evil behaviors ", Mrs. Truss affirmed. The British Foreign Minister will also attend the United Nations Summit, where Ms. Trus will be in contact with French dong, despite calculating The substance of the meeting is still unclear because France is unlikely to face him. Foreign Foreign Minister Jean-yves Le Drian on 19.9 o What he calls "despises and lies" around the sudden termination of the contract and calling it "unacceptable behavior between allies and partners". He said that the allies " Don't treat each other with the brutality, hard to guess so with a big partner like France ... So there's a crisis ".sterss on September 20, said France has canceled the military summit Planted this week with him. The Military Summit between French Defense Minister Florence Parly and British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace and some high-level military officials are expected to be held in players London - England for two days but was removed by Paris. Peter Ricketts former National Security Advisor Peter Ricketts confirmed that the meeting was postponed. The previous ABC news said France would also cancel a three-party meeting that was planned to be held between Foreign Minister Marise Payne Australia and Indian and French copayers on the sidelines of the United Nations Congress next week in New York.Anh Tu (UK News)

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