Blackberry Software Over 200 Million Cars Stick Vulnerabilities

Blackberry's QNX Realtime operating system adheres to Badalloc vulnerabilities. Notably, it is taking in many medical devices, cars, factories, international space stations (ISS). Many devices are using BlackBerry QNX Realtime operating system. (Photo: Siliconangle) The US Network Security Agency (CISA) has just brought a series of BlackBerry products affected by the Badalloc vulnerability. On August 17, BlackBerry also information about the QNX Realtime operating system (QNX RTOS) can stick Badalloc

. Recently, the company said QNX RTOS is taking in nearly 200 million cars of APTIV, BMW, Bosch, Ford, GM, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Volkswagen. In addition, it also appears in medical equipment, factories, even ISS. According to CISA, IoT devices, industrial control systems, the operation technology has integrated QNX RealTime needs to be made immediately System protection measures
BlackBerry has announced the full list of affected products (here). CISA warning states an attacker who can exploit the CVE-2021-22156 vulnerability to attack denying services or deployment Binary code on an error device. Because BlackBerry QNX RTOS is being used in many products, if the bad guys dominate sensitive systems, it will increase the risk of national key functions. However, at the moment, CISA has not detected any acts of exploiting any gap. CISA recommends the fastest product patch organizations as possible. According to CISA, some updates for RTOS require removing devices or taking them to a location to replace the integrated memory. ZDN)

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