Blockchain – Important Key In The Digital Economy

The Southern Work Office (Ministry of Science and Technology) has coordinated with XIXO ECOSYSTEM and VICOLALAND GROUP organized a scientific seminarist 'Blockchain's role in Number economy'. With the characteristics of the young population, the middle class Strongly developed, the same sensitivity in the application of digital science, Vietnam has been ready for the entire economic digitization target. In the process of social and economic development, countries all realize that one of the keys to open the digital economy is the blockchain technology (block string). The workshop was held to discuss About the positive points of Blockchain technology in the current digital economy and identify the sustainable development process, propose policy recommendations, how to help Vietnam take advantage of opportunities in the context of the vase Often new. At the same time, opening the opportunity to exchange and discuss between leaders, policy makers, leading enterprises on digital conversion in Vietnam and the world

. Thereby, connecting and supporting businesses starting with the first blockchain application and the most advanced technologies in their production and business activities, improving regional competitiveness and world-class competition . About data is set as a problem that requires scientists, technology companies must care and solve thoroughly. Data is now no longer the story of an organization, a field, a sector
.. that belongs to the whole society, actually becoming an important resource of the country, organizations and individuals. Data, evil BigData (BigData) is of decisive importance in digital conversion, this is an opportunity but also sets a lot of challenges. Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong said that Blockchain became the key technology to solve the challenges of data stories, large data in digital conversion. This is one of the important keys to successfully convert the number of successes. The delegates have exchanged and discussed the potential of the digital economy in Vietnam market - Sharing the number of transformations at the number Vicoland Group; Blockchain development in Korea; Local view of Blockchain role in the digital economy; Some applications of blockchain in agriculture; Viet Lotus - Ecosystem for creative conversion and innovation; Social networking platform started ..
Bao Lam

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