Blooming Animal Fishing: Don’t Turn Passion Into Sadness

Entertainment fish is like a pastime hobby that requires perseverance. Many players did not regret money, effort, time and consider it as a regular sport. But even if the game should have a limit, many people have abandoned many money and effort into this pastime, making the chauchou family just because almost every day in the pools The case is <: 00/0: 00 NAMTULTURING THE NAMTH HAPPY, Talking fishing, Many people think that the device is just a need for bamboo, fiber, hooks and a few peach worms after the garden. But now, fishing becomes an interesting game, and has played, "toys" are not so simple. To shop for a good suit

. The basic things that the need to have such as fishing rods, cans, seats, umbrellas, charges, blades and other accessories. But the price for full items is not cheap, for genuine goods, to own a suit that can be up to several tens of millions of dong. One needs a valuable machine up to 20-30 million dong
.. It's because you want to buy yourself a unique set, ensuring that the fish is not lost, convenient when sentences, many people have to borrow their loved ones, Even buying installments. FULL FULL PRICE (single) of pretty prime people. . However, I only buy items suitable for money bags. There have been many friends who have to plug in both the car, borrow interest, even buy, buy installment accessories. After two years, the sentence has a debtors for a few tens of millions without the ability to pay. I often recommend every 10-person fishing, all 10 people losses, only interest are in paragraph. Because of that before going into this animal, everyone also needs to consider it carefully
"Huy Huy Toan, a new need to get into a sharing job:" Nature sentence, there is usually less big fish, not even available. That's why I recently selected the sentence in the service lakes. After many times, the sentence is not fish, getting less fish online to find effective fishing bait articles. Initially I also sat down on buying myself a lot of primers, using no, ineffective, so it was expensive. If you have ledged the service in the service lakes, the relaxation and quietness are almost no longer. Simply because you have to pay a fee ".do the urbanization process is increasingly fast, the need to gradually lacks natural fishing points. Therefore, a series of service lakes are opened to serve passion. Lake owners buy big fish about drop to serve the jerseys. From carp, carp, drift type 3-5kg for Lancer's needle, continental; Siller / fruit fish or hunting fish serving the people of Lure. In Hanoi, it can be mentioned as a successful lake, lagoon lake ... with a price ranging from 150,000 - 300,000 VND / shift . Suburban pills such as the American chapter or Hung Yen province also attracted many people in the weekend. To attract visitors to the sentence, in addition to the sentence lake must continue to replace new fish, the Holy owner also sets a lot of regulations and different rules to increase the attraction for the need to handle the amount of "exam". Question (Chuong My, Hanoi), according to the rules of the lake owner, to participate in the question of each need to bear the price of VND 300,000 / 5 hours. Here, it is possible that the sentence can be brought back or reselled to the lake owner according to the type of fishing fish. Not only that, the lake owner has a rule, during the next time the question will be the biggest fish will be awarded to be a barrel of beer. Or from 5pm to 17h, anything that the sentence will be a reward of 1 million VND. That's therefore in my sentence, every player also tries to get a worse fish to ring the bonus. Mr. Nguyen Quyen - a long-term need to say: "Saying is fishing for entertainment but also positively. It has come to the service lake that everyone wants to get a lot of fish and has a high weighing to make money. The awards that the lake house has known out to attract people to the sentence. The sentence of 5-7 fish is usually a few people. Someone who sent a few cases was not any children. So it's not passionate, you have just lost the ticket, bait, and the whole time. Sometimes the hobby in the lake also betting with each other to see who is a lot of fish after the end of his sentence. Many times he has loses, spicy owl fish together for several tens of millions of millions. Maze fish belongs to the goods "all cure". As the director of a company on a feeding mechanical engineering, sometimes a week, he must spend 3 to 4 seats in the service lake. Mr. Nam shared: "Addiction too, not how to get out. Week a lot of things, need to sign a contract without coming to the lake 1, 2 sessions are in the person who loves it. It is very clear. On the campus, Mr. Nam gave a fish reservoir. Fish sentenced from Lake Affairs British service to drop into it for staff c

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