Blooming Of Vegetables And Vegetables, Fish Meat Right In The House Have Never Seen In Hanoi

In Hanoi days, social ways to fight epidemics, many people turn their home or store into a place to sell fruits and vegetables and food. These are new green and green vegetables to be new (Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Tay Ho District) buys for resale to guests. Oanh said, she sold vegetables in her house for nearly a month ago. This is a place where Ms. Oanh is used to sell vermicelli Not for years

. "The disease cannot open vermicelli sells, so I switched to selling fruits and vegetables to serve the relatives around here," Ms. Oanh said. Green bananas for sale
Oanh share, due to indoor sales and regulations to ensure disease safety, guests are only standing outside to buy, do not arbitrarily choose goods. The purchase and sale were also very fast. It was close to Ms. Oanh's vegetable shop, which was also opened for nearly a month now. It is known that before this store deals on product belts, leather wallets. On Quan Nhan street (Thanh Xuan district), a rice shop also turns to sell vegetables and chicken since Hanoi stretching socially . The shop is open from 5:30 am until 22h. Quan said that guests are mainly neighbors around, afraid to go to the market and the supermarket crowded to buy to quickly. At the number 31 Lieu Giai Street (Lieu Giai Ward , Ba Dinh district), a phone business shop business also shifted to selling vegetables right in the store. Mr
Phong, the shop owner said the sale of vegetables right on this premises has helped with additional income, reducing the load of financial pressure during the epidemic season to help people in the area easily buy essential foods Not far away. Hanh Phong also affirmed that both guests and owners are seriously implementing the distance and ensuring safety when buying and selling. The stores, shelves inside the store, which are now used for display shrimp noodles, chili sauce, freshwater ... deep in the alley number 213, the most armor (Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan district), Ms. Huong family also opened a fruit stall in the opportunity to socialize to serve People's needs in lane. Fruits here are quite diverse with rambutan of VND 35,000 / kg; gold melon VND 35,000 / kg; Watermelon 25,000 VND / kg; NA 40,000 VND / kg; Orange gourd 45,000 VND / kg ... inside the lane of Thai Thinh, Thai Thinh Street (Ward Thinh Quang, Dong Da District) Some fruit shops are also opened at the previous fashion clothing store. Only vegetables, tubers and fruits that fish and shrimp are also sold in the house and are preferred by customers.

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