Blue Department Increases The Selling Price Is Coming Against The Morality Of The Time

Store unlisted prices; Increasing the selling price has caused more difficulties for people in the circumstances of social distance, this behavior makes public opinion very unpeppled and indignant, need to condemn and quit 9: 00/5: 06 namlong In the past few days, the whole country is implementing the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic, hand sharing with 19 provinces and cities in the southern city to relax social ways with practical actions, support goods Needs of necessities, supporting conditions for circulation of goods to ensure people's lives during the period of prevention and control of epidemics. Social ways to relax in the context of many wholesale markets, traditional markets must suspend Operation makes consumer demand for essential rise items. Prices of items so increase in accordance with, there are items for 3 to 4 times. Unfortunately, there are some supermarket systems, stores still deliberately increase the selling price of goods, making it difficult for consumers to make public opinion very unplegated and indignant. Acts of taking advantage of the epidemic situation to raise prices, negative benefits are very deserved to condemn and review

. Soc Trang Provincial Management Fertilizer Check the green department store in Soc Trang city. Seeing in the process of checking the store system of Green Bachet Trading Joint Stock Company, the Market Management Team (QLTS) No. 2, Soc Trang Provincial Management Department made minutes for green department stores at 481 Tran Hung Dao, Khong 8, Ward 3, Soc Trang City on acts of selling some items higher than the listed price
Specifically, fresh porridge products, listed 13,500 dong / package, sold 14,600 dong /package; Porridge products of minced meat, listed VND 9,800 / package, sold 10,300 dong / pack; Fresh porridge products Carrot chicken, listed VND 19,000 / package, sold 19,600 dong / pack; Fresh porridge products green beans, listed VND 22,500 / package, sold 24,000 VND / pack; Fresh porridge products Mixed vegetables, listed 14,500 dong / package, selling 20,000 VND / package. The number of management team No. 2 made a record of administrative violations of the case, strengthening processing documents according to regulations. Green department representation also confirmed with errors without changing the price at the store, not because the store intentionally sold higher than the listed price. Returns there, on July 18, the team inspection team NR Number 1, Dak Lak Management Board when checking at green department stores (Address 259-261 Ngo Quyen, Tan An Ward, Buon Ma Thuot City) also detects this store selling unlisted prices; Some categories have prices higher than listed prices. The inspection team made a record of two administrative violations above to handle the provisions of law. The Head of Soc Trang Provincial Management Department Nguyen Hung Em said, in the days of translation of Covid-19 complicated developments and rapid spread in the province, the QLTT teams in Soc Trang Congrators arrived, coordinated with interdisciplinary forces to the area to inspect and control the market, simultaneously, propagate, remind, mobilize Business establishments, small merchant lawsuits, law, not speculating goods, valuation of unreasonable goods. "In order to prevent and receive reflection on acts of collecting goods, raising prices and profit From Covid-19, Soc Trang Department of Management has announced the phone number of the Director of the Management Board and the team of management teams for people to promptly reflect the price of price lifting, the price team is too prescribed and strictly handle the groups Firms and individuals with acts of violating the law on prices and taking advantage of epidemics for illegal benefits, goods, speculation ..
", Mr. Hung I affirmed. Small benefits, big damage Luu this incident, Vu Vinh Phu expert said that if analyzed according to the green department report, it could be seen a normal amount of 1,000 tons of vegetables and vegetables and foods and when serving peaks up to 2,500 - 3,000 tons; Therefore the ability of the unit's sales will increase in the past days while fixed costs, such as employees, electricity and water ... do not change much. Do so, fixed costs are negligible But sales rise, gross profit will increase. If it is like that, it is not a green department, which is the opposite, because while the green department increases the price, other units like Saigon Coop, Central Group, ... also have similar difficulties but still hold Selling prices to consumers, although profits can decline. "While the whole country, the sectors at all levels took the government's call to prevent the translation, together sharing difficulties, not taking advantage of Let speculation increase prices as damage to consumer rights. Clearly green department has not fully imermine the meaning of sharing benefits between sellers and consumers ", Mr. Phu commented. Social essays always praise and support the business development of the business Enterprises take into account seriously, know how to share difficulties with social consumers. Mr. Phu, the work of green department is going against the morality of the time. One business wants to keep the long-term reputation with consumers must build images from the market, accompanying consumers in the most difficult times. There is so consumers are really realistic

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