Blue Origin Sues To The Us Government On Spacex’s Moon Landing

The Blue Origin Private Space Missile Company of Jeff Bezos billionaire has filed a lawsuit against the US government about NASA deciding to give a moon landing contract worth 2.9 billion USD to SPACEX Company of the billionaire Elon Musk.0: 00/2: 25 South Southern Founders Amazon and Blue Origin, Billionaire Jeff Bezos, spoke before the media in 2017. (Photo: Reuters). On August 16, Blue Origin Company said Their complaints are submitted to the US Federal Court on August 13, to overcome errors in the process of NASA to decide to give a contract to develop a driver's landing system for SPACEX

. That "issues identified in this commercial contract and its results must be resolved to restore fairness, creating competition and ensuring a safe moon return to the United States." Last month, the US State Audit Agency (GAO) defended the US Aerospace Agency (NASA) on the decision to choose a single moon landing vessel, rejecting Blue Origin's lawsuit. B Lue Origin and Dynetics Defense Contractor have argued that NASA needs to give multiple contracts to companies to develop landing ships on the moon
But Gao has "rejected the opposition to the opposition that NASA acted incorrectly in awarding a single contract for SPACEX". Blue Origin missile company due to billionaire Bezos, who founded Amazon was still for that there are "basics" with NASA and GAO's decisions that cannot be resolved "due to restrictions on powers". Blue Origin said they will continue to mobilize to two companies to receive contracts because they believe It is a suitable solution.NASA must send feedback on this case before October 12. In a statement, NASA said that officials of the agency are currently considering the details of the incident. "Along with his partners, we will go to the Moon, staying to support the events Scientific investigation, new technology development ..., and to prepare for astronauts on Mars, "NASA announced. This agency adds," as soon as possible, the agency will provide information Update the path back to the fastest and safest moon can with the Artemis program "
It is known that NASA has searched for a partner to develop a spacecraft carrying astronauts on the moon surface according to the moon The Artemis program to bring people back to the moon for the first time since 1972. In April, NASA has given a contract for SPACEX to make such a spacecraft as soon as in 2024.Blue Origin gave that NASA gave SPACEX an unfair advantage when allowing them to modify their prices. After Gao Uncle Ho's lawsuit, Billionaire Bezos asked to cover the cost of up to $ 2 billion if NASA gave Blue or Igin a contract landed on the moon.Le Lam (according to Reuters)

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