Bmw 2-series Coupe 2022 Designs Molting, From 836 Million Dong

New generation BMW 2-Series Coupe 2022 luxury models have officially launched and became a competitor with a series of names like Audi TT, Toyota GT86, Volkswagen Scirocco, Subaru BRZ, ... BMW 2 -Series Coupe 2022 has a completely new and lucky modern appearance design that 2-Series Coupe does not own giant grille designs that cause controversy on sports cars like M3, M4 and 4-series. Instead, BMW 2-Series Coupe has a gray dual grille with normal size kidney shape and is plated with chrome strip

. Light LED LED designed the back and two triangular wind holes below. BMW 2-Series luxury coupe owns re-design tray, more advanced wheel arches. The side view will see cleverly designed embossed lines and hidden door handles
I have a new BMW 2-Series Coupe car also has a new style with 3D LED taillights, wind wings in the cap, the rear bumper Fine-tuned brings sharp looks, accompanied by a double exhaust and dark wind diffuser. The M240i version is also provided with shadowline sports package with special exhaust systems and small wind wings. About size, BMW 2-Series Coupe 2022 with Length x Wide x High turn 4.547mm x 1,839mm x 1.392mm and base length 2.741mm. Compared to the predecessor car, M240i has a 51mm base length, while the wheels are 52 mm in front and 31 mm in the back.BMW 2-Series Coupe has a luxurious interior compartment almost Like the current BMW 3-Series senior, however, the rear seats are more tight. In the standard version, the vehicle is equipped with analog meter and an 8.8-inch infotainment system
If you want to upgrade, users can spend more to receive 12.3-inch digital clock clock and 10.25-inch infotainment screen larger. Over unfortunate point instead of using the operating system IDrive 8 was released on IX, both using IDrive 7. The central entertainment screen of the 2-Series Coupe supports Apple Carplay and Android Wireless Auto connectivity. Besides, the vehicle also comes with intelligent personal assistant technology that meets all language requirements. For example, automatically lowering the driver's car door when entering the parking area.BMW 2-Series Coupe in the US is equipped with standard features such as two-regions automatic air-conditioning systems, electrical front seats, consumers Heating leather insults, interior lights, HUD color screens and high-end Harman Kardon 14 speakers, ... about safety equipment, 2-Series Coupe with active blind point detection system, gender information Speed limit, front jump warning, lane deflection warning and alert horizontal vehicle, ... Also with Stop feature

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