Bmw 7-series Discounts Nearly 2 Billion Vnd In Vietnam

BMW 7-Series manufactured in 2018 is recording a terrible reduction to discharge inventory (00/2: 29 Nam according to the PV traffic vehicle, BMW 7-Series is being reduced at the selling price Ly, the highest decrease of nearly 2 billion dong.BMW 750LI production 2018 is being discounted to 1,725 billion VND according to the survey, although Hanoi is implementing social ways, customers cannot go to agent to Buying or receiving a car, but many BMW 7-Series versions are being discounted from 60-1,725 million VND compared to the announcement price. In that, BMW 750Li produced in 2018 was the strongest discount, the decline to VND 1,725 billion Dong compared to the published price. The current car price has VND 7,574 billion. Also produced in 2018 and has a strong decline in BMW 740Li, according to 910 million dong

. After a discount, the BMW 740LI 2018 price only VND 4,449 billion instead of VND 5,359 billion as when announced. There is a lower discount than the BMW 7-Series produced in 2019. Accordingly, BMW models 730Li MSPort, 740li LCI and 740Li LCI PE have a decrease of 270 and 530 million VND
After a discount, these models have a selling price of 4,049, 4,839 and VND 5,719 billion.BMW 730Li MSPort produced in 2020 with only selling prices from VND 4,219 billion, the lowest discount belongs to the BMW 7-Series Series Exported in 2020. BMW 730Li MSPort models, 730Li LCI PE and 740LI LCI PE are discounted to 150, 90 and 60 million VND. After a discount, this 2020 produced vehicle models cost only 4,219, 4,909 and VND 6,229 billion. The following selling price decreases according to the recognition is considered very good so that customers want to buy BMW 7-series down money. However, due to social relaxation, the current way to buy, customers can only transfer the deposit to keep the price well. Then wait all the way to socialize the new social can complete the procedures and receive the car. Customers when buying a few models in the BMW 7-Series product range are also given to 1 year BHVC bhvc with discount, customers Buying a few versions BMW 7-Series also received gifts as 1 year material insurance.Tuy does not announce specific sales but BMW sales are not too high in Vietnam. According to the report from the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA), in 7 months of 2021, BMW and the Mini sold a total of 796 cars in Vietnam market
Tuan Minh / Bongdaplus

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