Bmw Ix5 Hydrogen – ‘super Green Car’ Owns A Capacity Of 369 Horsepower

This year's BMW will attend the IAA Munich exhibition with its unique model BMW IX5. The vehicle runs with hydrogen fuel cell battery system with the capacity of the capacity can be up to 369 horsepower.BMW IX5 Hydrogen 2022 is a SAV model that combines the element of luxury, modern and breakthrough drive system With the convenience and inherent flexibility of the BMW X series. However, the SAV is also decorated with the characteristic green details of the BMW I. Besides the sports appearance It is the green border sections in the kidney-shaped dual grille system, two wind holes below the bumper are also adorned with a typical green border

. Blue details Create a highlight is decorated for the details of the 22-inch tray and the following details of this SAV BMW IX5 Hydrogen model.BMW IX5 owns the appearance with the big wind holes Angled design is expanded to increase the tuning appearance of the version. The details like the rear wind wings and the diffuser of the IX5 also have a unique design
In addition, decorative grids such as kidney shaped grille systems, bottom wind holes as well as two large wind holes with the obstacles as well as the following diffusion are produced by 3D printing method at BMW's workshop. This production process makes it possible to produce parts faster and highly flexible. Moreover, some of these parts when produced by this method will have a higher finish than traditional methods. BMW IX5 Hydrogen is equipped with a sustainable manufactured tire system made from natural rubber and Rayon materials. Raw materials for this tire system are extracted according to the standard of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) independent. BMW Group is the first automaker worldwide using Pirelli tires that are exclusively from high Natural Su and Rayon have been certified on brand cars.BMW IX5 Hydrogen is equipped with hydrogen fuel cell battery technology with the 5th generation BMW edrive technology with the metabolism into electricity In the fuel cell system, this system can produce a capacity of 167 horsepower. . When combined with electric motors, this hydrogen battery system can provide the power level so that the output power levels can be up to 369 horsepower depending on some driving operation situations. From here, this combination motor can bring a brand-character drive experience
Car is equipped with fuel cell battery system with two hydrogen barrels with 700 bar pressure made of reinforced plastic materials Carbon fiber (CFRP) can hold 6 kg hydrogen. The use of BMW IX5 in long trips is a viable thing when filling with two hydrogen jars only takes about 3 to 4 minutes. The report of the International Energy Agency (IEA), the Modern Hydro fuel has Significant potential to develop into a future energy source involving global power conversion processes. Thanks to easy storage and transportation, hydrogen can be used for many different purposes. BMW is also one of the first brands to apply this system into its cars. BMW IX5 Hydrogen is completely just a concept model with the goal of collecting customer reactions but in the future, Hydro can completely become a factor that helps to replace traditional fuels and can be widely used.Video: Introducing the new "green car" BMW IX5 Hydrogen.

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