Bmw M3 Touring Stealing Accessories, Crushed By Police

The custom BMW M3 Touring is beautifully green, unfortunately when it is brought into the crusher after the discovery it is made from the parts of many M3 to theft.00: 00 / 03: 11Video: BMW M3 Touring ACCESSESION ACCESSORTING ACCESSORIES, crushed by police. BMW is currently developing the touring version of the new generation M3, but before the company has never introduced touring for BMW M3 generation F80, so It is clear that this is a BMW M3 Touring degree - with original car is a conventional touring 3-series. According to the British police, customized parts on M3 Touring are taken from 4-5 pcs other 3-series Overseas. The British police discovered the unusualness of this BMW M3 Touring sports when she realized the car number plate of the car with a diesel-based 3-series

. After the investigation, the police concluded that the car was not only changed in the exterior but also had the M3 breeding transmission system, the customized parts on M3 Touring were taken from 4- 5 different 3-series, including 2 m3s are stolen cars, the BMW M3 stolen on March 30, 2018 in Sutton Coldfield and the second lost on September 30, 2019 at Sutton M3 Touring looks pretty beautiful this eye is brought to the scrap yard and put into a mercilessly crusher. It is the reason why the BMW M3 Touring looks pretty beautiful this police Go to the scrap yard and put it into the crusher mercilessly
The owner of the car tried to hide the true identity of the car, surely this person will have to take responsibility before law.

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