Bmw M8 Competition With A Strength Of 1,000 Horsepower

Carbahn Autoworks has introduced the performance upgrade package for BMW M8 Competition sports coupe model. BMW M8 Competition top sports car continues to receive a lot of interest from different degrees. Recently, Carbarn unveiled the new version of this coupe. Carbarn's M8 Competition ventricle has almost no significant change. The degree from California only focuses on the operating performance of the car

.BMW M8 Competition is equipped with a 4.4L capacity V8 engine, a maximum capacity of 626 horsepower and 750 nm torque, stronger than the version M8 Standard 26 horsepower.Carbarn has changed some details such as greater heat adapter and intercooler, new wind filtering, refining ECU
.. in the GT upgrade package. New capacity reaches 824 horsepower When using 93 octane gasoline, and 882 horsepower with gasoline 100 octane. The new suspension system helps to reduce the height of 12 - 25 mm, accompanying Camber regulators and a power ballast. Total value of GT package up to 13,700 USD. Additional added forgeline trays for 20-inch and high performance tires Michelin Pilot Sport Cup R. This option is worth 9,200 USD. With 23,700 USD, the GTS upgrade package helps The car reaches a capacity of 850 horsepower, or 940 horsepower when using 100 octane gasoline. The most level is the GTC package with 2 capacity of 900 horsepower and 1,000 horsepower
The value of this version up to 43,000 USD.Theo Minh Anh / Zing

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