Bmw Recalls More Than 50,000 Cars Due To Dangerous Braking Incidents

BMW recently announced a long list of models in the summoning this time due to a high-risk braking error causing an accident when moving vehicles.0: 00/2: 27 Southern relatives, according to the car manufacturer German steam, engine management software on some models can damage the oil / vacuum pump can cause the brake unit unable to operate. This can happen in the Tools Engine Boot Conditions Can like pressing the boot / stop button twice in a row or press the fast brake pedal at the same time press the boot / stop button. BMW X3 M40IBMMW model, said the car boot as above can lead to lost Brake support but the problem will only appear after 2 or 3 full braking or about 6 secondary brakes. Here is a list of affected models with production time: BMW M340i and M340i XDrive Produced between February 21, 2019 to 28/7/2020 (number of 10

.877 units) .BMW X4 M40i 2020-2021 was produced from September 3, 2019 to 22/6/2021 (4,134 ) .bm xdrive 540i / 540i Produced over the period from June 11, 2019 to 26/6/2020 (5,375 units)
bmw 745LE EDRIVES 2021-2021 was produced from February 11, 2019 to February 22, 2021 (470 units ) .Bmw X3 M40i 2020 is produced between August 16, 2019 to 22/62021 (14.006 units) .bmw Z4 M40i 2019-2021 is manufactured from February 21, 2019 to June 18, 2021 (2,151 units ) .Toyota supra 2020-2021 is produced from February 6, 2019 and 10/6/2021 (13,014 units) .toyota supra is also in millions of vehicle owners will be notified via mail and guides to bring the car to come BMW / Toyota agent is authorized to update the engine management software system for free. The announcement will be sent to the vehicle owners in the summon from October 1. By Yen Du, 2 hours ago

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