Bmw Z4 Crumpled Head ‘molting’ Like New

With only more than 3 days, the car to BMW Z4 crushed ear crush was repaired, 'molting' like new. New here video recorded the Russian mechanic Arthur Tussik has repaired a car BMW Z4 is broken in strictly with the crushing part in less than 90 hours of special clock distinguishes the network community love car.BMW Z4 crumpled crumpled to access the car after the car owner removes the engine , So he evaluated what to repair the car. It is not only a mudguard, the collision even ruins the important parts of the car chassis.Tussik started work by pulling the engine shield by pulling it out of the compartment but the ingredient Its carbon makes this unit hard to remove it

. In each period of rebuilding, he measures each area of the car to ensure complete replacement telors. Seek video: Any parts No need for replacement, Tussik is self-repaired, usually with a hammer. After repairing and replacing all parts, he reinstalled the engine and mounted the front grille into the right position
Show this is a tired experience for Tussik.Color after being repaired in as new. "I didn't have a job that needed so highly concentrated for a long time. Replacing rails and repairing engine shields takes a long time. Many previous parts have been replaced with aluminum making this fix very difficult, but I have done, "said Arthur Tussik sharing. Motorcycles according to email: The appropriate content will be posted. Thank you!

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